XD Picture Card – Fix Various Kinds of Errors on XD Card

XD-Picture card, also called XD card, is a type of memory card designed for digital camera. An XD card has high capacity and good compatibility, which is compatible with various kinds of card reader so that you can connect an XD card to personal computer easily. However, XD card sometimes gets corrupted easily due to different reasons. Here are some possible problems on an XD picture card:

1. XD card shows not formatted error
2. XD card is not recognized by digital camera
3. XD card format problem
4. XD card incompatibility issue
5. More other problems on XD card
This article will introduce how to fix different types of problems on different XD picture cards.

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XD-Picture Card Needs to Reformat

An XD card would ask to reformat in a digital camera or when you connect it to a Windows computer if its file system is corrupted. This problem can be caused by many reasons like virus infection, improper handing of card, bad sectors, etc. However, the solution for fixing this problem is quite easy. What you need to do is to reformat the XD card in your camera.

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Olympus XD card requires formatting

Olympus XD card is very popular among XD picture card users, but it has a disadvantage. If you cut any file from an Olympus XD card after connecting it to your computer, this XD card probably require formatting when you insert it to your digital camera. Therefore, you had better copy files rather than cutting any file from an Olympus XD card when you want to move data from the card to your computer.

You have no other choice but to format the XD card when it shows the not formatted error due to any reason. However, what you should keep in mind is that everything on the XD card would be erased after formatting. Please use data recovery software to extract all important data from the unformatted XD card in advance before fixing the error by reformat.

XD Card Formatted by Mistake

Formatted xd picture card recovery can be performed by iCare Pro Free and we would not recommend you continue using your xd picture card that has been formatted until everything has been restored to another device.

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XD Card Compatibility Problems

XD card has good compatibility with different card reader, which means that an XD card is usually compatible with many types of card reader. However, XD card is specially designed for FujiFilm and Olympus . The XD card is often not compatible with other brands of digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Casio, Samsung and more. Therefore, if you insert an XD card to a digital camera which does not support this type of card, the XD card probably stops working normally. The old Olympus and FujiFilm digital cameras were only compatible with XD card, but the newer FujiFilm and FujiFilm digital cameras also support SD card and CF card in addition to XD card.

XD Picture Card Not Recognized by Digital Camera

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Your digital camera says there is no card inserted though you have inserted an XD card to it? In addition to incompatibility problem, an XD card may not work in a digital camera due to some other reasons such as virus attack, XD card corruption, etc. You can connect the XD card to your computer and check if it was attacked by any virus or has any other problem. After checking the XD card on your computer, you can try to format it in your computer. Then, you still need to insert the XD card to the digital camera and try to reformat it again in order to format it to proper format that is compatible with your camera.

XD Card Format Problem - How to Format an XD Card?

In many situations, you may want to format an XD card to repair problems. For example, you may want to format an unformatted XD card to changes its file system from RAW to FAT. You may want to format an XD card in order to make it work normally in a digital camera. Sometimes, you would meet format problem on an XD card, in which situation you cannot format the card successfully to fix issue on the card. Then, how to format an XD card normally?

1. Some XD card has write-protection switch, so you should make sure that the XD card is not write-protected before formatting it. Otherwise, you will fail to format it on any device.

2. You may be unable to format an XD card which is corrupted due to virus infection, so you should run antivirus software to check and erase viruses before formatting it.

3. You had better format the XD card in your digital camera in case of incompatibility problem.

XD Card Malfunctions due to Improper Operation

Some improper operation would cause XD card malfunctions, so you should pay attention to following points to prevent unexpected malfunctions to your XD card:

1. Do not format XD card in card reader. It probably cause format error on the XD card and make it not available for data storage. Even worse, it probably lead digital camera to stop responding.
2. You should delete files from XD card by inserting the card in digital camera rather than connecting the card to your computer.
3. You can copy files from an XD card instead of cutting files from the card.

When you meet any of problems above on an XD picture card, you can use memory card photo recovery tool iCare Data Recovery to restore lost pictures of files on XD card.

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