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This content is devided into two parts, one guide of free SD/Micro SD card repair software on Windows 11/10/7 computer, the other one is introduction of sd card repair tools/app for Android phone when memory card is not working, has got not formatting error, damaged, unreadable, not recognized...

Memory Card Repair Software Free Download/Online

Free SD/MicroSD Data Recovery before Repairing


Download iCare Recovery Pro Free to restore data from memory card when data matters. Connect sd card to pc with card reader (required).

Top 8 ways to repair damaged sd card on Windows 10/11/7

Tool #1 - Fix memory card Not Detected in Computer

When sd card was not detected in phone/camera/pc/device, sd card driver update would be the first choice to get it recognized again. Here are three ways to fix sd card not detected issue in your phone/pc. (A video will show you the three ways to fix sd card not recognized error.)

  • Change sd card driver letter under disk managementchange drive letter for memory card
  • Update driver software for every item under 'Universal Serial Bus controllers'update memory card
  • Delete every item by 'Uninstall' under 'Universal Serial Bus controllers', and then click Action in device manager, load hardware changes to reload drivers for every device including the sd card.update memory card

Video - how to fix sd card not detected error in computer

Tool #2 - Repair Memory Card with CMD Diskpart

Step 1: Run CMD diskpart with admin privilegecmd diskpart to repair damaged sd

Step 2: type “format x:/fs:fat32” or "format x:/fs:ntfs"and enter

Step 3: wait for the formatting to be completed (no operations from you, just wait)

Step 4: once it finished, type 'exit'

And now your sd card is repaired.

cmd to format samsung sd

Or you may use the following steps too which can solve other possible errors on sd like io device error, write-protected error...

cmd to format samsung sd

Tool #3 - Repair damaged sd card with chkdsk

Or you may use the following cmd to repair damaged sd card.

chdksk /f/r i:

cmd chkdskk to repair sd cardcmd chkdskk to repair sd card

Or you may simply try the following cmd to fix memory card. You need to replace h: with the drive letter for your own memory card that appeared on your pc.

chkdsk h: /f

cmd chkdskk to repair sd cardcmd chkdsk to repair sd card

Video Guide - how to repair sd card using chkdsk

Memory card corrupted repair software is usually a tool which is able to scan and fix bad sectors on a card. It works similarly to the Windows error-checking function for hard disk fixing. You can run Samsung SD card repair software to repair damaged SDHC.

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Tool #4 - Format Software for Fixing SD Card Errors

Most of time, you need to format Samsung SD card for error fixing whether it shows SD card not formatted error, write-protection, I/O device error, etc. There is much format software which provides solution for formatting a corrupted Samsung SD card. Or you can format the Samsung SD directly on your camera or computer without software.

Here are at least 4 ways that you may format a memory card without any software.

  1. Format damaged memory card with your camera/phone without using any software or computer
  2. Format memory card in Windows computer by right click format option
  3. Format memory card in computer with disk management -> format option
  4. Delete the memory card inside of disk management, and then reconnect it to PC, load it, and then create new volume and set it to fat32/exfat/ntfs as you wish.

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#5 Best memory card repair tools free download (freeware) including repairing its bad sectors

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Home, freeware that can repair damaged sd card for free.

format tool

  1. Step 1: Download this freeware and connect your memory card with a card reader to pc.
  2. Step 2: Right click the memory card that shows up in the software, and choose option ->"Check Partition" to start the repairing process.
  3. Step 2: Confirm the repair setting and click 'OK', and it would begin to repair your memory card.

repair bad sectors

Download Free Now

Tool #6 - fix sd card free with Windows built-in repair utility

This tool is provided by Windows that you may easily get access to it if you are using Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10/11.

Here are the steps.

  1. STEP 1: Get your memory card into the computer with a card reader
  2. STEP 2: Double clicking 'This PC' on your desktop -> your memory card -> right clicking -> property -> tools -> check
  3. STEP 3: Select both available options after the check box pops up another window (to start fixing possible errors on your memory card)

Repair sandisk sd with error checkingRepair damaged sd card with Error-Checking

Video guide for repairing sd card that is not working with Check disk options

Tool # 7 - repair sd card with format tool

We would recommend you try formatting the sd card since mostly reformatting could simply resolve many kinds of errors on sd card, here is a simple guide to get it done.

  1. Step 1 - right click the memory card that shows up in your pc -> format
  2. Step 2 - select the format options such as file system (fat32/ntfs, the later one is recommended), and then get it formatted

format sd cardRepair damaged sd card by formatting

If this above formatting does not work for your memory card, try low formatting it if the previous repairing like the cmd, chkdsk or the repair tools did not work either.

Tool #8 - Repair sd card with low level format tool

As some cameras provide low level format, you may directly get it formatted inside of the camera, and if it does not work, you may download third party low level format utility to get it done.

hdd low level format

Download Free Now

Tool #9 - Repair memory card with Rufus

Rufus is a free format utility that could fix memory card errors by formatting it brand new again.

Rufus download url:

format with rufusRufus to format damaged memory card

4 SD Card Online Repair with Android Phone

If you have got no computer but just an Android mobile, here are some possible ways and tricks that you may try them on Android when you need some sd card repair apk hoping to find such repair app on Android to repair damaged sd card. Note: please backup sd card data at first.

  • Erase the sd card with phone storageformat sd with phone
  • Pull the sd card out and then insert it back after you powered the phone off
  • Unmount sd card, and then reload itunmount sd with phone
  • Clean the memory card with some soft stuff to make the chips clean and spotless
  • Try factory restting the phone when everything was backup safely (please backup contact list, chat history, sms...)reset mobile phone

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SD Card Not Working Cannot Be Repaired SD Dying

When the sd memory card could no longer be repaired by the above methods, here are more ways that worth a trial.

  1. 10 free ways to repair corrupted sd card
  2. Ask a local digital media repair center or service center for help
  3. Buy a new memory card

Best Samsung SD Card

Buying a good SD card sometimes help decrease the chance of card damage. Samsung SD is manufactured by Samsung Electronic, so you can go to its flagship store to buy a genuine one. If you would like to buy a Samsung SD card online, you can go to or other legal sites to buy one.


???Is Kingston sd card repair tool the same as Sandisk sd card repair tool or Samsung sd card repair tool?

Mostly the memory card no matter sdhc, sdhx, microSD, compact flash card are no other much difference in use and damage. They are all sharing many same common errors and problems, so the free sd card repair tools offered on this page can be used for any memory card brands of different capacities ranging from 128MB to as much large as it could be, for example, 1TB memory card...

How do I fix un unreadable sd card?

When your sd card is unreadable on your phone, camera, or other devices, the driver could be the key that a new sd card driver install would make it work. You need to install sd card driver on a computer.

Also see: sd card driver install

If the driver update does not fix sd card problem, there could be some logical errors that you may use chkdsk to repair logical errors on sd card which would also repair bad blocks on sd card.

The chkdsk command of repairing sd card is: chkdsk i: /f /r /x (You need to replace i with your own sd card driver letter, for example, if your sd card shows e in your computer, you may use: chkdsk e: /f /r /x)

Can I repair a micro sd card?

It's the same ways to repair a micro sd card with the methods included on this page. What's more, repairing other memory cards such as cf card, miniSD card are the same on this page. You can use all above methods to repair any memory card.

SD card bad sector repair tool?

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free provides 'check partition' function for sd card to repair bad sectors for free together with "chkdsk /f /r" provided by Windows.

What's else? Chkdsk is also able to repair bad blocks on sd card with its command line: "chkdsk /f /r" when r represents repair command when you have selected your sd card in the command line or you may simply try 'chkdsk i: /f /r' when i shall be replaced by your own sd card driver letter.

SD card repair software for pc free download

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is free sd card repair software that can repair bad blocks on sd card on pc that you may free download on its official site.

What else, the methods included on this page are sd card repair online methods that you may follow to repair sd card for free when your sd card is not detected, not reading on pc or not showing files etc.

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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