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How to repair corrupted/damaged samsung SD/Micro SD? Watch this video to see how to repair memory card that is not working.

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iCare Recovery to Repair Damaged SD Card

Samsung SD Card Repair Software

If you type "Samsung SD card repair tool" on the internet, you are not alone since there are suggested searches for similar problems of this kind showing as below:

sd card repair

From the related searches, you know that people like to look for a memory card repair tool when any of card is corrupted, damaged and stops working. Samsung SD is just one of various kinds of memory card. This page guides you to repair different problems on a Samsung SD memory card.

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Samsung SD Card Recovery before Repairing

For any error on Samsung SD card, the most important thing is not to repair it but to get back every important file on it. Before using any repair software, you can use a data recovery program for corrupted Samsung SD card recovery at first.

Recover Data from SD Card Firstly (Required if your data on the sd were important)


download data recovery software

Repair Samsung SD Memory Card with CMD

Step 1: Run CMD

Step 2: type “format x:/fs:fat32” and enter

Step 3: wait for the formatting to be completed (no operations from you, just wait)

Step 4: once it finished, type 'exit'

And now your sd card is repaired.

Memory card corrupted repair software is usually a tool which is able to scan and fix bad sectors on a card. It works similarly to the Windows error-checking function for hard disk fixing. You can run Samsung SD card repair software to repair damaged SDHC.

Samsung SD Card Format Software for Fixing Error

Most of time, you need to format Samsung SD card for error fixing whether it shows SD card not formatted error, write-protection, I/O device error, etc. There is much format software which provides solution for formatting a corrupted Samsung SD card. Or you can format the Samsung SD directly on your camera or computer without software.

Best Samsung SD Card

Buying a good SD card sometimes help decrease the chance of card damage. Samsung SD is manufactured by Samsung Electronic, so you can go to its flagship store to buy a genuine one. If you would like to buy a Samsung SD card online, you can go to or other legal sites to buy one.

Here is the price of Samsung micro SD card on

samsung sd card 32gb

Samsung micor SDHC 32GB memory card 80MB/s

Price: $10.99

samsung sd 64gb

Samsung 64GB EVO micro SDXC card 48MB/s

Price: $24.28

samsung sd 128gb

Samsung EVO+ 128GB micro SDXC memory card with Adapter

Price: $44.99


For more Samsung SD card details, you can visit amazon official site.

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