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How to recover photos videos from memory card (SD/CF/MicroSD/xD...) if files were deleted by mistake; memory card was formatted, raw 0 bytes, blank; memory card asks formatting; memory card is not showing up, unreadable, corrupted? Follow this tutorial for 100% safe memory card data recovery no matter what happened to your memory card on your Android phone, camera, device, or computer.

sd memory card recovery

The best chance of memory card data recovery is to keep it untouched from any use, and use readonly program iCare Pro Free that will do no harm but just scan data on the memory card to pull them out safely (100% no data destruction).

Download Memory Card Recovery Software

With iCare Recovery Pro Free, the powerful free memory card recovery software, it helps recover photos, videos, music from formatted, deleted or corrupted memory card, which supports all kinds of memory card including SD, XD, CF, Micro SD, and memory stick, etc.

Download the free card recovery software to retrieve lost photos.

Memory Card Photo Video Recovery (386 users' review)

Download iCare Pro Free to retrieve deleted photos videos from memory card for Android phone or digital camera after formatting or deleted by mistake.

3-Step to Rescue Photos Videos Deleted From Memory Storage Card Free

insert sd card to computer with card readerInsert sd card to computer with a card reader

Step1. You need to connect your memory card to Windows computer with a card reader or to the card slot if your pc hosts one. Then, run iCare Pro and try recovery mode "Deep Scan Recovery".

select recovery
Step2. Select the memory card and click 'Next' to wait the software for a full read-only scan. (100% safe)

select drive
Step3. Preivew files displayed in the list and then save data to another destination.

recover files

It is especially useful when you want to do the following

  • Retrieve pictures/videos after formatted memory card
  • Need to recover deleted photos (camera photos or phone photos) from memory card(sd, microsd, cf, xd...) after deleting images by mistake
  • Recover corrupted memory card pictures when it shows error (RAW, not formatted)
  • Recover images from storage device for Android phone(Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, HTC, etc), digital camera (Nikon, Canon, Samsung, or Olympus)
  • Pull out data from sd card which cannot be formatted when it still contains important files
  • Recover deleted videos (mp4, avi, mkv, flv, mov, VCF file...) from memory card when videos were deleted on phone, camera, device, computer...
  • Unknown memory card data loss or memory card is damaged, corrupted, not showing up...

recover files from micro sd card

You probably lose data from your memory card due to various kinds of reasons such as mistaken deletion, formatting or memory card shows not formatted error, RAW error and more. When you meet any data loss problem on your storage card, first of all, you should stop using the card.

Free download iCare Data Recovery. and install it on your computer. Then, you can use it to deep scan the memory card and get back all data you need.

Solution for Memory Card Data Security

What should we do once memory card has got a problem? Stop using your memory card! This would keep the best chance for the inside data.

recover files from micro sd card

If you save new data to the deleted/formatted memory card, missing files would be overwritten. Percentage of proximity to data saving and destruction for most memory cards.

  1. 0MB files saved after delete/format -> 100% chance of successful recovery for most memory cards
  2. 10MB files saved after delete/format on to the same memory card -> 10% or more old data would be corrupted, unreadable or some partially overwritten for a 1GB memory card.
  3. 100MB files saved after delete/format -> 30% or more lost data would be corrupted for a 1GB memory card

Never save data from memory card to the same memory cardNever save data to the same memory card which lost data

This percentage of proximity data desctruction is the reason why it is better to avoid a memory card data recovery on Android mobile phone itself.

Is It Possible to Restore Photos from Corrupted Storage Card

What to do if memory card is corrupted and disables you to access any picture? This is a problem that might result from many reasons. A corrupted memory card cannot be used in mobile phone, digital camera or any other device.

As the best memory card photo recovery program, iCare Recovery Pro can help you do corrupted memory card photo recovery. If you want to fix the corrupted memory card, you can connect it to Windows computer and try Windows Error-checking function to scan and fix bad sectors on it.

Video - Repair Corrupted SD Card

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