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How to fix your unsupported memory card when it shows blank while there are many data inside and now became inaccessible? There are 3 ways included in this video and more in the later part of this article.

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Fix blank sd memory card with iCare without losing data

SD Card Blank or Has Unsupported Filesystem - 8 Fixes

"I have an corrupted SD card on my Android phone. There are lots of precious pictures and videos on the SD card, but the phone says that SD card is blank and has unsupported file system. I cannot access the card. Connecting the SD card to my computer, Windows system also reports the similar message to say that SD card is blank and has unsupported file system. How can I get back photos and videos from SD card when it is not accessible?"

sd card blank

Fix #1 - Backup Data from Blank SD Card (On PC)

When data matters to you, we would highly recommend you restore files from blank sd card error for free with iCare Pro. If there was nothing important on the sd card, you may directly go to Fix #2.

Get your sd card inserted to a card reader, connect it to a computer and run iCare to recover data from your sd card - 100% safe way under the fact that recovering data on android without pc would risk partial data overwritten if you insist on recovering data from blank sd on your phone without pc.

Download iCare Free

preview found photo

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Fix #2 - Repair blank unsupported sd card on android mobile without pc/softwarehot

Neither a computer nor software would be needed for this solution to fix sd card blank error on mobile phones. And here comes the detailed method.

=> Simply take the sd card out and insert it back. (Around 60% users get it fixed by this way)

Video - how to fix blank sd card error in android phone

If it does not work for your phone, here are more ways coming up in the following methods.

Fix #3 - Take your sd card out and then clean it

clean sd cardClean sd card chips

Fix #4 - Format sd card in device

Mostly sd card errors could be fixed by reformatting in your device (phone, camera, digital media...) since another formatting is to make the sd card refresh again.

We would recommend you backup your data to somewhere else before the formatting if data matters to you since formatting card would get all files erased.

You can get your memory card formatted by the following ways.

format sd cardFormat sd card

If it's a camera: Settings -> Format card

If it's a phone: Storage -> Format sd card

Cannot format sd card? Solution -> 5 ways to fix sd card unable to be formatted

Sometimes the sd card won't get it formatted simply because you did not set the sd to be usb mass storage mode in your phone when it was connected to a computer for a formatting.

Fix #5 - Connect phone to PC and Turn on USB Storage Mode or USB Debugging, Format sd with pc

foramt blank sd card after set it usb modeConnect phone sd card to PC and set it usb mode, and then format it

Or sometimes it looks different on other types of phones.

foramt blank sd card after set it usb modeUSB connection mode

You may right click your phone that recognize as usb mass storage, and then format it.

foramt blank sd card after set it usb mode

Fix #6 - Repair blank sd card in computer Windows 10/8/7

We would highly recommend you use the following method to repair sd card in a computer with chkdsk.

Not working? Here are 10 ways to repair damaged sd card

Fix #7 - Fix blank/unsupported sd card in Windows by diskpart cmd

You need to insert your sd card with a card reader to a computer, and then type diskpart.exe in Run to get it started.

diskpart to fix blank sd cardDiskpart to fix blank sd card

diskpart to fix blank sd cardDiskpart to fix blank sd card

Video - Efficient 3 ways to fix blank sd card in Windows

Fix #8 - Factory Reset in Phone

factory reset to fix blank sd cardFactory reset to fix blank sd card

Blank SD Card Data Recovery When SD Shows Blank, Unsupported

Although SD card is showing blank, files are still stored on the card. At this time, you should stop performing any operation on the SD card even the cmd command prompt; especially you had better not write any new data to the SD card. What you should do is to run a data recovery program to extract files off the SD card. You may use iCare Data Recovery software for SD card recovery when it shows blank and has unsupported file system. This data recovery software enables you to recover pictures, videos, music, etc from any brand of memory card including SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba and more.

Steps to Recover Data off SD Card That Has Unsupported Filesystem

Free download iCare to recover files from memory card that shows blank or has unsupported file system:

Free Memory Card Recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro Free to recover files from mobile phone camera memory card including photos, videos, music...

Step1. Get your SD card out of phone/camera and connect it to computer via a card reader(must). Then launch iCare Data Recovery on the computer. Choose a recovery module. 'Deep Scan Recovery' or 'Lost Partition Recovery' are both working for this situation.

select recovery mode

Step2.  Choose the SD card and then wait patiently until it shows all lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview pictures to see whether they are able to be recovered. If photo can be previewed, it is of 100% success of recovery.

preview found photo

Step 2: Repair blank unsupported memory card with CMD

Condition: when your data on sd card were successfully restored, you may operate the step 2 to repair the sd that reported blank.

Video - format damaged sd card to fat32

Steps to use CMD to repair blank sd micro sd

Step 1: Run CMD (Not knowing where to open cmd? Go to the very left bottom of your PC and type 'cmd' in the 'Find&Search Files')

Step 2: type “format x:/fs:fat32” and enter ( Here please replace x with the drive letter of your sd card; you may choose fat32/exfat/ntfs for the format of your memory card as you wish)

Step 3: wait for the formatting to be completed (no operations from you, just wait)

Step 4: once it finished, type 'exit'

And now your sd card is repaired.

format memory card fat32 using cmd

Note: the above cmd steps does not work for a hard disk which has a few partitions, the cmd would be not the same.

Blank SD Card Requires Formatting - format it or not?

When you attempt to access the memory card, it may ask you to format the SD card. Can you format SD card when it shows blank and requires formatting? If there is no important data on the SD card, you can format it to fix the problem. However, if you still have important data on the card, you had better not format it. Instead, you can run the data recovery software to rescue the files you need. You can format the SD card when all data has been restored successfully.

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Last updated on 15/10/2020

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