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How to format raw file system to ntfs without losing data with command prompt/cmd/diskpart in Windows 10/8/7? Follow this video that shows you how to convert raw file system to ntfs with cmd.

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This article is telling about raw drive to ntfs converting with safe converter and how to use diskpart to format raw to ntfs.

usb not formatted

Is it possible to format raw drive to ntfs without losing data?


Free raw to ntfs converter download to convert raw to ntfs for disk/memory sd card by iCare Data Recovery Pro, which can help when your device is raw.

If your device is raw, it wont let you access it and asks you to format. You need a raw converter/formatter to change raw to ntfs without losing data for raw drives.

>> RAW File System to NTFS Converter Download - required if data important


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to Convert RAW to NTFS for RAW external drive, mobile SD memory card, raw USB thumb/pen drive/portable hd, internal/removable HDD, etc.on all Windows system.

Part 1: Raw to NTFS Converter Download

Download iCare Pro, the professional raw to ntfs converter to save the raw drive at first.

recover lost data

Select a possible drive that contains your files and let it build file structures for recovery.

wait while scanning lost data

Preview lost files

preview lost photos

Part 2: Change RAW to NTFS with CMD command prompt

Step1: Run CMD.

Change raw to ntfs with CMDChange raw to ntfs with CMD

Step2: Type“format X: /fs:ntfs”(X is the drive letter of your raw hard drive)

You can also convert raw file system to fat32, and the command line should be the following,

format F: /fs:fat32

Change raw to fat32 with CMDChange raw to fat32/ntfs with CMD

Please note: Formatting raw to ntfs would make it more difficult for recovering old data on your digital device. That's the reason we showed you how to recover the raw drive with iCare to get inside data out from the raw device.

You can run diskpart command line to format a RAW drive to change the Raw NTFS. Just simply follow this guide:

In Windows XP/7: you may running

CMD > type list disk > type select disk < type list volume > type format fs=ntfs label=volume label quick (or type convert x: /fs:ntfs, x: refers to the drive letter of the RAW partition)

Or the following as option:

CMD > diskpart > format X: /fs:ntfs

In Windows 10, open cmd by typing 'cmd' in the search bar which is next to 'Start' icon, and then

Type: "convert e: /fs:ntfs" in the CMD directly (e is the drive that you want to convert on PC)

You should pay attention to following points:

1. Do not format the RAW drive to NTFS before getting the data you need

2. Stop using the RAW device and you had better not perform any operation to fix the problem before data recovery

3. Protect the RAW device from being physically damaged due to any reason

3 Free Ways to Format RAW SD/USB Flash RAW to NTFS

RAW file system, or sometimes people call it RAW drive has the following problems when your disk runs into the raw problem like:

Under such circumstances, you may convert/format the raw file system to ntfs by the following 3 different ways to get it done.

Before the converting/formatting, please make sure the inside data have been rescued to somewhere else by iCare Pro.

Part 1: Convert raw to ntfs by right click the raw flash drive and format option

Right click the raw media,

format raw drive”Format raw drive by right click option

Part 2: Format raw digital media under My PC disk management

You may go to this route: right click 'This PC' -> click option 'Management' -> Disk Management

format raw drive under disk management”Format raw drive under disk management

Part 3: Format raw disk drive with a free raw format tool.

There are more than 5 options of format tools all free of charge, and here we would like to introduce Partition Resizer Free which is a completely free tool that also has repair bad blocks functions for your damaged device.

Download Free Now

format tool

usb format tool

Warning: formatting raw drive file system is making damages to its old data. Make sure that you don't have important data on the corrupted device before do any formatting.

Convert RAW to NTFS Failed? Follow this guide

If this formatting does not work, you may see a message like: Windows was unable to complete the format, or diskpart failed to format...

If the above cmd/format tool do not work for you, then you should use diskpart to clean the disk at first which shows as follows.


Use cmd to fix error “you need to format the disk in drive”Use cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

1. type “diskpart” on the command box

Use cmd to fix error “you need to format the disk in drive”Use cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

2. type “ list disk” after “DISKPART” and enter

Use cmd to fix error “you need to format the disk in drive”Use cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

3. type “select disk 2” and enter.

Use cmd to fix error “you need to format the disk in drive”Use cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

4. type “clean”. Wait for a minute.

Use cmd to fix error “you need to format the disk in drive”Use cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

5. type 'create partition primary' and enter

6. type 'format X: /fs:ntfs' or 'format fs=ntfs quick'and enter. Here 'ntfs quick' is a order to quick format the drive ntfs.

diskpart to format raw to ntfsdiskpart to format raw to ntfs

==>> To convert RAW to FAT32, please visit this page - recover RAW to FAT32 >>

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