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"CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives" is an error message, which often appears with message "The type of file system is raw, chkdsk is not available for raw drives" when you run CHKDSK on RAW hard drive, raw USB external hard drive, raw ssd, raw pendrive, or raw memory card when they are damaged for some reasons like damaged filesystem, virus attack/unplug without safe removal... This video shows you how to repair your raw drive.

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CHKDSK is Not Available for RAW Drives Fixing

chkdsk not available for raw


  1. When you use CHKDSK to check the hard disk, it says “The Type of the File System Is RAW CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives".
  2. The device is not available, you can see it on your computer, but you cannot open it.
  3. The device become “Raw” at the “Properties”.
  4. And the storage shown as 0 byte even though you have saved a lot of data on it.

Remove CHKDSK RAW Drive Error - 5 ways

#1 - Use chkdsk /r or chkdsk /r /f

When f is the volume drive letter of your drive that became raw, use the following chkdsk cmd.

"chkdsk f: /r" command is able to locate errors in the file system in the disk. Or "chkdsk f: /r /f" command to locate the error and repair the error.

Repair corrupted disk with chkdskChkdsk /f /r to repair disk

#2 - Use chkdsk /f /r /x (video guide included in the content)

Suppose i is your drive letter, then you go with 'chkdsk i: /f /r /x'

Run Diskpart Command prompt to repair raw drive.

Repair corrupted disk with chkdskChkdsk /f /r /x to repair disk

Video - how to use chkdsk /f /r /x is included

#3 - Use diskpart clean and format (mostly would work)

Note: Diskpart would erase all files on the device if you perform clean and format. So please backup all data to somewhere in advance if your drive can still open; if sd, usb drive or hdd is already inaccessible, please firstly restore data from raw drive using iCare Pro free.

Repair corrupted disk with diskpartDiskpart to fix chkdsk is not available for raw drives

Formatting raw drive to fat32? Type “diskpart” in the window, then “list volume”, select your raw drive, clean it, then create partition primary, type active, and select your drive volume again, type “ format fs=fat32”, after it finished, exit. Then the raw file system device is repaired.

Convert raw to FAT32 with CMD command promptFormat device fat32 by using 'format * /fs:fat32'

#4 - Use clean in cmd

1: run CMD

Use cmd to fix error you need to format the disk in driveUse cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

2. type “diskpart” on the command box

Use cmd to fix error you need to format the disk in driveUse cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

3. type “ list disk” after “DISKPART” and enter

Use cmd to fix error you need to format the disk in driveUse cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

4. type “select disk 2” and enter.

Use cmd to fix error you need to format the disk in driveUse cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

5. type “clean”. Wait for a minute.

Use cmd to fix error you need to format the disk in driveUse cmd to fix error "you need to format the disk in drive"

Option: Reboot your computer and press F8 key on your keyboard to enter Advanced Boot Options, where you can boot your computer into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

safe mode with cmd

Then, you can type chkdsk to run CHKDSK in Command Prompt.


If the problem still exists, you can try to restore system from previous system restore point if you created system restore point in advance. Or, you can reinstall system to resolve the problem.

#5 - Restore hard disk/usb to previous version

A, Restore computer to previous system restore point if its internal disk that is damaged to restore it.

restore os to recover disk

B, restore disk/usb/sd to its previous version

This depends on whether there is previous version available on your computer for your device. It can be accessed by the following route: Right click drive in your computer->properties -> Previous Versions.

right click usb

restore previous version

Recover Data from CHKDSK RAW Drives

Free RAW Drive Recovery


Download iCare Pro Free to rescue files from disk drive, usb flash or memory card that says chkdsk was not available for raw drives. It is totally free of charge if your data is within 1GB. Free code is available from tech support team upon review request.

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Pro. Run the software and choose Deep Scan Recovery option for the digital storage media that chkdsk reports not available for raw drives. If it was a raw sd card or any memory card, use a CARD READER to get it connected with your Windows PC.

select recovery mode

Step2.  Choose the RAW drive and then the software will start to scan it. During the process, please wait patiently.

wait while scanning

Step3. Finally, choose files from the RAW drive and recover them to another place or disk volume.

preview found photo


Please do not make any change on the raw digital device if there were important files stored on the digital media. Recover data from raw drive at first!

Chkdsk Failed? Format RAW Drive (Mostly would work)

You may directly format your storage media when data were not important. If there were important files, rescue them at first, and then format the storage device.

There are many free format tools that you may use to format the disk that has chkdsk not available errors.

  1. Windows built-in format operation that you may format your drive by right click, format.format raw usb
  2. Format raw drive in disk managementformat raw usb disk management
  3. Format raw drive with a disk formatter freeware - IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, Rufus, HP usb format tool etc.format raw usb partition resizer
  4. Format raw drive with low level formatting tools

More format tools on this page: 8 free ways to format device

what does chkdsk is not available for raw drives mean and Causes

Chkdsk is provided on Windows to repair logical errors for storage devices. When it says chdks is not available for raw drives, it means the drive is damaged and its file system cannot be recognized by Windows.

Solution: Rescue data and format drive.

When you see such message after running 'chkdsk J:/f' and hit enter, it means the file system of your drive is damaged for some kind of reasons mainly with

  • unsafe removal: you did not remove the drive by correct way and eject it brutally.
  • virus attack: virus from online surfing or email attach that got your computer attacked and ended up with drive damaged.
  • Software damage to your drive
  • MBR damaged that windows failed to load the boot record of your drive
  • System crash...


CHKDSK Is Not Available for RAW Drives SD Card Fix


This is a command line that means to fix and repair the targeted drive.

f means fix while r means repair

Video - repair media with chkdsk

The most common ways to use CHKDSK are:

  • CHKDSK /F – to check and fix the current drive
  • CHKDSK E: /F – to check and fix a drive like E volume
  • CHKDSK E: /R – to check and repair and look for bad sectors on E drive

When running /RCHKDSK will check the entire disk surface for bad sectors and attempt to repair if any that it finds.

How long does it take to run chkdsk f r?

Usually it depends on the components and ability of your PC. Usually it takes about several minutes for a 2GB flash drive and 10 minutes or more for a hard drive. The best performance of your PC, the less time it would consume.

When SD card is damaged, SD card would ask to be reformatted or SD card says blank and has unsupported file system when you attempt to open it. When connecting the memory card to your PC, Windows shows RAW drive error on it and requires formatting. When you use chdsk to repair the sd card, it would report chkdsk is not available for raw sd card.

Solution: If you need the data on the device, try a data recovery program to recover the data on the drive at first. And then format it to get it repaired.

freeAlso read -> how to fix drive raw file system

Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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