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How to change raw file system to fat32 with command prompt cmd without losing data? This tutorial shares the way to repair your raw drive of your sd usb or external disk when it has raw problem.

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iCare Data Recovery to Convert RAW File System without losing data

Convert RAW to FAT32 File System without losing data

raw to fat32 converterFree Download iCare Data Recovery to change RAW to FAT32 file system without formatting/losing data:

  • Do not use the diskpart cmd before data successfully restored
  • Do not format the raw device before data were restored
  • Get the raw drive out of the digital device you used and get it connected to a PC
  • Use a card reader if it was a raw memory card

Can You Convert RAW to FAT32 without data loss?

How to recover RAW file system to FAT32 without any data loss? Well, you can convert any digital device from RAW to normal by following two steps below:

Step1. Recover Data from RAW Drive

Whether the digital device contains only one single file or a large amount of data, you really need to perform data recovery if you do not want to lose any file on the RAW device.


>>Quick Solution for RAW Drive Restoration

Download iCare Data Recovery >> to rescue files from RAW SD memory card, thumb drive, external/internal hard drive before changing RAW to FAT32.

Step1. install iCare and select a scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. choose the RAW drive to scan.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files and store the lost files to a different drive.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Step2. Convert RAW to FAT32 with CMD Diskpart

In order to convert RAW to FAT32 file system, you can format the RAW device. When you open "My Computer" or "Disk Management", you can see all internal / removable disks on your PC. You can easily reformat any disk and change its file system from RAW to FAT32.

If it wont work, you may follow the video on the top of this page that showed you how to repair your raw drive.

Fix raw file system with diskpart command prompt. Run CMD, type “format x:/fs:fat32” in the window, x means the drie letter of your raw device. And, after it finished, exit, the file system of your device is fat32 now, you can have a check.

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If you mistakenly perform formatting on the RAW device to fix problem before recovering data, it is still possible to restore lost files before the device is overwritten by new data.

How to Convert RAW to FAT32 without Formatting?

Most of time, formatting is the easiest and most useful way to convert a RAW device to FAT32 file system. However, some people probably do not want to format a RAW drive to change its file system to FAT32. Then, is any way to convert RAW to FAT32 without formatting? You may try following ways:

1. Convert RAW to FAT32 Using CMD

CMD is command line which enables Windows users to execute different tasks on their computer. You can run Command Prompt and type "format x:/fs:fat32" (x: is the disk that you want to format)click "Enter" to format RAW partition to FAT32

==> To get detailed steps to use Command Prompt to format, please refer to this page – Diskpart command to format >>

Or you can run Command Line and type "convert x: /fs:fat32" (x: is the partition that you want to convert, e.g. convert d: /fs:fat32) and press "Enter" to convert to FAT32 file system. If you failed to convert RAW to FAT32 with CMD, you can type "convert x: /fs:ntfs" to try to convert the partition to NTFS.

==> To know more information about converting RAW to NTFS , please see this article – Recover RAW file system to NTFS>>

2. RAW to FAT32 Converter / Software Free Download

There are many RAW to FAT32 converters online, you can free download some RAW to FAT32 software so as to change RAW device to FAT32 without having to formatting it.

3. RAW to FAT32 Format Tool

RAW to FAT32 format tool refers to software that could helps you format a RAW device to convert its file system to FAT32 file system. This kind of format tool is often used by some people that receive error message Windows can’t format when they try to format a RAW device in computer.

==> If you are looking for a RAW to FAT32 format tool because you are troubled about unable to format problem on any RAW media, please see this page - Windows can't format >>

Best solutions to change RAW to FAT32 in SD Memory Card MicroSD?

A RAW memory card, whether it is an SD, micro SD, miniSD, SDHC, SDXC, XD or CF card, is always inaccessible on any device.
If you want to convert a RAW SD memory card micro into FAT32 file system, you can connect it to computer and format it. You can also format an SD memory card in your smartphone to fix SD memory card RAW file system by following the guide below to convert it to FAT32 file system:

Step1. Click Settings on the main screen of your smartphone and scroll to Storage (On some Android phone, it shows SD card and phone storage)


Step2. Select option for Format SD card

format sd card

If the option for Format SD card is grayed out, you need to select Unmount SD card first of all and then select Format SD card option.

unmount sd card

Step3. Confirm to format the SD memory card and wait the formatting to be completed.

You can use the same method above to format a micro SD card from RAW to FAT32 or format other memory card like XD, CF in proper device.

Convert RAW to FAT32 in USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive is digital storage device which is often used on computer. If you need to convert a RAW USB drive to FAT32, you have to insert it to your computer to perform format.

Today’s USB thumb drive is available in different storage capacity from 1GB to 512GB. If the capacity of your flash drive is less than 32GB, it’s OK to format it to FAT32 file system. For a USB stick that has a large storage capacity , it is highly recommended to format it to NTFS file system for a better performance.

==> To convert RAW to NTFS in USB flash drive, please refer to this page – Convert RAW to NTFS >>

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Change RAW to FAT32 for Hard Drive External HDD

An internal hard drive can be in FAT32 or NTFS file system on Windows computer. Most users would like to format the disk partition or portable hard drive to NTFS file system in order to meet their demand of storing files that are larger than 4GB since FAT32 only supports to save single file whose size is not larger than 4GB. Windows operating system does not provide option for FAT32 file system when you attempt to format any drive whose capacity is larger than 32GB. If you insist on changing an internal or external disk from RAW to FAT32 even when its capacity is larger than 32GB, you can repartition hard drive or use drive converter (fat32) to change it to FAT32.

==> If you decide to change hard drive external HDD from RAW to NTFS, please see this article – best ways to convert RAW drive to NTFS>>

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