Pen Drive Data Recovery - Recovering deleted files off pen stick

Last updated on 17/01/2017

iCare Data Recovery Pro: recover deleted or lost files off pen drive when files has been deleted by accident, pressed format by mistake, has not formatted error, cannot be detected by PC, has raw pen drive, attacked by virus and lost files...

If you ever run into following cases, iCare Data Recovery Pro would be a pen drive saver for you to rescue data from pen stick.pen drive recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to keep you out of data loss sorrows.

Note: Please do not use the pen drive before data restored to PC successfully, or some of the lost data would be corrupted or damaged.


>>Quick Solution for Pen Drive Data Recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover data from different kinds of pen drive after deleting, formatting, or when pen drive shows not formatted error, RAW error, etc.

Client That Used iCare Data Recovery Pro for USB Drive Photo / Video Recovery

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Video Tutorial : how to use iCare Data Recovery for file rescue

Three steps for recovering deleted files off pen drive

Step 1 - Download and install iCare Data Recovery, connect your usb pen drive to PC and run iCare.

select recovery option

Step 2 - Wait for scanning files from pen thumb drive.

wait while scanning lost data

Setp 3 - Preview lost files/photos and save data to your computer hard disk.

preview lost data

download data restore software

Free Pen drive Recovery from Problem of Deleting / Reformatting / Corruption / RAW

Data recovery software is capable of recovering lost files from storage media. We are introducing you to a special, and full-featured data recovery software -- iCare Data Recovery Pro. It will become your best friend. It gives you valuable assistance when you lose your important files. No matter the files are deleted, formatted by mistake, or hidden by virus, iCare Data Recovery can easily recover them. There are other scenarios, too, for example, partition loss, in which files on the whole partition becomes inaccessible, data transfer interruption, in which the data being transferred gets incomplete or lost, and drive inaccessible error, in which it shows a message like "the drive/card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?". There are many other reasons also, sometimes your files just get lost for no reason.

But you should know the mechanism of data loss, after knowing which you should know why the lost files can be restored, you will also know what kinds of lost data cannot be recovered by data recovery software.

Whether you delete a file, or format the disk, the data remains unchanged upon the deletion / format. The file system marks the space as free, and new files will occupy the space and overwrite the data. This holds true for many other data loss situations such as "drive not format error", "data transfer interruption data loss", virus attack. As long as your card is recognized by the operating system on the computer, you can use iCare Data Recovery to do a scan to see if the files can be found. However, if your storage media is seriously damaged and could not trigger any reaction from the computer, I think you have to send it to a data recovery shop.

Download the software now to get back lost or deleted files from pen drive before writing new data to it or the pen drive gets physically damaged.

How to Recover Data from Pen Stick without Software?

Without relying on any software, the only chance to recover data off a pen stick is that you have made a backup in advance before data got lost. Otherwise, you have to use data recovery software for pen drive recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive Using CMD?

Are you wondering if it is possilbe to restore deleted data off pen drive with command prompt? Command line is running under DOS, which is able to delete files, format partition, and more. However, you are not able to restore any data from pen drive using cmd.

How to Restore Data from Pen Drive Which Is Not Visible?

How can you get back files off a pen drive which is not showing up? Here, there are two situations for invisible files recovery from a pen drive.

1. Data recovery from pen drive which cannot be recognized

Pen drive not recognized is a problem might be caused by human error or other problems like virus infection, inproperly removing of the drive, etc. When a pen drive is not detected by Windows Explorer of PC, go to the Disk Management to see if it shows up there. Then, disconnect and reconnect the pen drive to your computer again. Please make sure the USB port of your computer works well. If pen drive does not suffer any physical damage, iCare Data Recoveryis able to detect it even if no other device cannot recognize the pen drive.

2. Data on pen drive is not showing

If pen drive cannot be recogized but all data on it is not showing, please go to the Folder Options under Tools tab of My Computer to show hidden files and folders. Besides, files might be hidden or corrupted by virus or spyware, so run antivirus software to scan the pen drive to check virus.

More on Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive

USB Flash drives use the USB mass storage standard, supported by modern operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and other Unix-like systems. USB 2.0 support enables the drive to store more data and transfer faster than CD-RW and DVD-RW drives. Pen drive, or USB flash drive is the most up-to-date portable storage device.

Pen drive is formally called USB flash drive, which is shaped like a pen. As the name implies, it's as portable as a pen. With a pen drive, you can carry your precious photos, audios and videos everywhere. However, unfortunate things happen sometimes. Once I burned the midnight oil to make a PPT for the demonstration tomorrow. I copied the PPT to flash drive. But the next day in the workplace, when I'm moving the PPT to company PC, some unexpected transfer errors happened. Then I found the PPT neither on PC nor on the USB flash drive. I was so embarrassed the day. I learnt the importance of data recovery software the hard way. If I have had data recovery software installed on company PC, I would not have worried so much.

Featured with Deep Scan Raw Recovery in iCare Data Recovery

The program iCare Data Recovery can help you unformat drive free, recover data after format, restore files when drive has not formatted error, raw file system errors, delete files by mistakes...

The data recovery software also allows you to recover files after quick format SD card in Android phone or digital camera, or deleting files from memory card, etc.

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