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This page guides you to free recover files from different media like removable hard disk, internal hard drive, memory card / stick, USB drive, etc and fix errors.

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Free Data Recovery & Fix

download data recovery software

For all kinds of situation that lead data loss from any media, iCare Data Recovery Free provides free solution for free data recovery within about 3 steps:

Step1. Free download / install

Free download and install the freeware on computer. Start the program and select the proper scan mode for data recovery.

select recovery option

Step2. Free scan

Select the digital device so that the software can search lost files.

wait while scanning lost data

Step3. Free preview and recover

You can preview files and then save them to another drive.

preview lost data

After file recovery following the guide above, you can free fix different errors. There are different methods to fix different problems on various media. We will share solution in following paragraphs.

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Free Recover All Files

With the freeware, it is possible to recover all type of files for free.

  • Video files: MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV, MOV, 3GP+
  • Audio files: MP3, MWA, MIDI, WAV+
  • Images: BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, RAW+
  • Documents: Microsoft word / excel / powerpoint, emails+

Free Internal / External Hard Drive Recovery and Fix

Internal or external hard drive is a kind of media that can be used for computer users to save, transfer and backup a large amount of data. For an internal or portable hard drive, you can perform free file recovery after deleting, formatting or disk drive runs into all kinds of errors using iCare Data Recovery Free.

Internal / Removable HDD Error Fixing Free Solutions:

  • Disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now – Usually, its file system turns to RAW and the drive has 0 byte space when it asks to be formatted. For this error, you can reformat the internal / portable hard drive to proper file system to make it workable again. An internal / external HDD usually supports FAT32 or NTFS file system.
  • The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk – Firstly, check if the disk drive is set to be write-protected or it is attacked by virus. If you have never set the drive as write-protected and there is no virus, you can reset the computer registry.
  • I/O device error – You can run error-checking on Windows to scan and repair bad sectors on the disk drive for free and then use diskpart to format the drive.
  • The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable – File or directory of disk drive is corrupted, so it will become inaccessible or unreadable. In this case, you can check bad sectors and reformat the disk drive to repair problems.
  • The volume does not contain a recognized file system – When the file system of a disk drive changes to RAW or it shows as unknown device, PC would fail to recognize it and reports the volume does not contain a recognized file system. Therefore, just format the drive to recognizable file system like FAT32 or NTFS using diskpart or Disk Management.
  • Access to disk drive is denied – Windows says access to an internal or removable disk is denied usually in situations that the disk drive is encrypted, virus-infected or you are not run as an administrator.
  • The parameter is incorrect – If it shows parameter is not correct on a disk, please check if the driver needs to be updated. Or you can fix bad sectors and format the disk drive.

Free Flash Drive Recovery and Resolve Problems

Flash drive is also called USB flash drive, pen drive or thumb drive. For free USB flash drive data recovery, you can refer to following information:

1. USB Drive Deleted Files Recovery for Free

Files accidentally deleted from thumb drive are able to be restored with iCare Data Recovery Free though deleted data does not go to recycle bin.

2. Thumb drive format recovery free

Formatted or reformatted flash drive by mistake can erase all data, but iCare Data Recovery Free can free to unformat flash drive for file recovery.

3. USB memory drive recovery from errors for free

A USB memory drive reports errors sometimes to prevent you from opening or accessing files in it. Problem occurring on a flash drive is similar to that of internal or external hard drive, which includes USB not formatted error, RAW file system, I/O device error, flash drive cannot be recognized and more. When USB memory drive shows any of problem, iCare Data Recovery Free offers free solution for file recovery, and then you can use following methods to repair errors:

Method1: Check whether flash drive is infected with virus or contains bad blockers.
Method2: Update driver for USB drive.
Method3: Reformat flash drive in Windows Explorer / Disk Management or use Diskpart / format tool.

Free Memory Card Recovery and Repair

Memory card has different types and brands. iCare Data Recovery has the ability to free recover files from various memory cards such as:

  • Free SD card recovery / SDCH recovery / SDXC recovery / micro SD card recovery / miniSD card recovery
  • Free CF card recovery
  • Free XD card recovery
  • Free memory stick recovery
  • Free XQD recovery
  • Free SM card recovery

Free Delete / Format Recovery for Memory Card

You can delete files from any card or format memory card inserted in a digital camera, mobile phone or computer. iCare Data Recovery Free supports for memory card lost files recovery after deleting or reformatting.

Free Memory Card Restore When Has Errors

Please use iCare Data Recovery Free for free memory card recovery when getting errors like:

1. Memory card asking to reformat error

A memory card requires formatting because its file system is damaged, in which situation files become inaccessible and memory card cannot work normally.

2. Memory card is not recognized error

Memory card not recognized is a serious problem to fix, but data recovery is possible using iCare Data Recovery Free.

3. Memory card is write-protected

Many memory cards have write-protection switch, so check if the switch is on.

4. Memory card is attacked by virus

Virus infection probably corrupts the file system of memory card and lead to serious data loss.

5. Memory card is blank or has unsupported file system

This error message often appears on a mobile phone when android system cannot read the card normally, in which situation the smartphone may also ask to insert another card to use.

For memory card error fixing for free, you can try:

  • Repair bad sectors on memory card
  • Remove write-protection and erases virus from memory card
  • Format memory card in phone, digital camera or PC

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