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Should you have any question be free to send an email to

Currently there is only email support available. We promise to reply your email in 24 hours in business days. When contacting Technical Support, please help us by including the name, version no. and the problem in details.


how to use icare data recovery

Photo Tutorial of Using iCare Data Recovery

Check out the the photo tutorial that shows how to use iCare Data Recovery with images.

>>> Photo tutorial of using iCare Data Recovery

Video Tutorial of using iCare Data Recovery


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Check out chat box on the bottom right to start chatting with us for your data recovery.

Live Chat available time: 9:00am to 17:00pm Asian Pacific Time during working days.

Please live a message if live chat is not available and you will get a reply within 24 hours in bussiness days.


1: How long does it take for me to receive the register code?

answerUsually you should see the register code right after you finish the payment when it is valid on website payment page. And it takes a few minutes for the order system to deliver an email with the title "Your Order Information". Please check the spam folder too, or add to white list.

Note: if it takes several hours and you still did not receive the code or order confirmation email, then the order system may suffer some system upgrading, which may happen every several months. Please email if you did not receive the code or have any problem buying the software.

2: How can I make sure iCare is able to restore my data?

answer If files can be previewed in the trial, it would be restored sound. Currently photos and office files doc xls are available for preview. Video files cannot be previewed in iCare. We do recommend users to use trial before purchase since the trial lets you save 20M files for free.

3:Can iCare 100% restore my data?

answerA: Usually iCare is able to restore almost all of your lost data if you stop using your drive after data loss. However as data recovery is complicated since Windows would write data when opening or shutting down system, or you may have saved new data to the drive that some of your lost files may have become corrupted. We cannot ensure 100% success of data recovery in each case. So please use free trial to avaluate the software before purchase.

>>>>>>>We recommend you use trial before purchase for evaluation since the software allows you to save 20M or 1GB files for free in the trail as evaluation use.

4: The license code does not work

answerA: This may happen when you have a different code for different edition. Please email and tell us the version and edition of iCare you have. Only paid users enjoy free code when the code does not work.


5: How to restore old file names and folder structure

answerA: Old file names and folder structure can be restored under 'Deep Scan Recovery'. However you may need to be patient when picking up the old files with names folders since the 'Deep Scan Recovery' would also restore many same files without old names which is in alphabetical order to make sure the best result of recovery.

6: I have lost the data for no reason, can I recover them?

answerPlease keep the device untouched from any further operation, and use iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover deleted data. We would recommend using "Deep Scan Recovery" for this case.


7: I reformatted my device, twice formatted drive, can I recover data?

answerPlease use 'Deep Scan Recovery' in iCare Data Recovery Pro which is able to recover data for this case, for the best chance of recovery, please keep the device untouched from any further operation right after your awareness.


8: Drive reports not format error or the file system is raw, can I recover data?

answerPlease use 'Deep Scan Recovery' in iCare Data Recovery Pro which is able to recover data for this case, for the best chance of recovery, please keep the device untouched from any further operation right after your awareness.


9: New data already saved to the drive, I already used the device over and over again, can I still recover old data?

answerIt depends on how much new data you have kept to the new drive or how many changes you have made to the drive. iCare Data Recovery Pro would still recover some of the old files but there should be some corrupted files too since some of the old data have already been overwritten. At this case, we would recommend you use iCare Data Recovery Pro trial at first and use its 'Preview' to see how much data it can help you found. If files (photo&office files currently supported in the preview) can be previewed as good, openable, then the can be restored with success.

10: Some of the restored files are not openable?

answer When scanning your lost data, iCare would scan the whole drive and find every possible file on the drive, some of them are just your lost data, some of them are old damaged data that you don't need when you deleted a long time ago. They may become corrupted during new data written. Those overwritten data would be not openable since they were useless files to you in the past and you allowed data overwritten.

What you need to do is to find the ones that you need. Ignore the corrupted files.

>>>>Tips: please do not install software on the drive where you lost data to avoid data overwritten. If you continue using your drive/card after data loss, ie saving new data to the drive before data recovered, then some of your lost data would become corrupted too.

11: All recovered files are blank?


Under this case, another rescanning of the drive which contains lost data is required.


12: Cannot Preview files

answerAnswer: Currently iCare is able to preview photos, document, and excel files. Other files format cannot be previewed. If you want to make sure whether iCare is able to restore them for you, be free to use trial which allows saving 20M files for free.

If photos, office files cannot be previewed in the trial, it has two reasons:

  • 1, Those files are not the ones you need which have been overwritten in the past;
  • 2, Lost photos and office files are damaged during data loss and won't be able to recovered as sound.

>>>> What should you do - find the ones that can be previewed, or save some files in the trial to see whether they are those you wan

13: Can I get a refund?

answer We do recommend users use trial before purchase to evaluate the software for their own cases since data recovery varies according to how much damage have been done to the old data by new data saving or further operations to the drive that lost data. Usually the software would recover temp files and old damaged files along with good files. To see the refund policy, please check here

14: The trail found my files, does it mean my files can be restored?

answerA: Yes, if lost files are found in demo, it proves that this program is able to restore your lost files and you need to purchase a code to active this program and then you can save lost files.


15: Can I restore the lost file to system partition or desktop?

answerA: It is highly recommended that you not to save the file on system partition nor desktop. It is required that you need to save the found files to a disk partition which has enough space for new data and it must not be the same partition/volume which lost files.

16: Bad MBR or system not bootable, how can i restore files?

answerA: Connect your bad disk to another PC and run iCare Software to restore files.



17: The program hangs on there where it was trying to build lost files trees?

answerA: Please understand it takes hours for building lost file trees if your files are huge. We are 100% sure it will pass, and your patience is highly appreciated.


18: A list of partitions were found after scanning, which one shall I choose?

answerA: Each partition contains data which were found after scanning. Usually we recommend you choose the default marked as green partition and then click 'Next' to let iCare Data Recovery show your files.

However if the files found does not satisfy you, you may go to the partition list and then check another two partitions at a time to let iCare show your lost files. Different partitions contain some possiblility of your lost data.