15 Days Moeny Back Privacy Statement by iCare Recovery

iCare Recovery offers a 15 day money-back guarantee since purchase by the following guide:

Accepted Circumstances:

  • You purchased a wrong product, and then purchased the right product from our website.
  • You've been double charged due to the system problem of the third party payment platform.
  • The product has fatal technical problem, and our technical support team failed to provide a fix or work-around within 10 days.
  • The extended download service charge is not your selection but added and charged you automatically by third party payment system. Partial refund of extended download service is accpeted.

Once your refund is issued, please: Uninstall the software and remove it from your computer. Destroy the disc and uninstall the software from your computer if you purchased a CD version of the product.

Unaccepted Circumstances:

  1. You changed your mind after placing an order.
  2. Misunderstanding of the content on our website or failure to read product description.
  3. You requested for a refund for technical issues, but never provided any detailed description of the problem.
  4. You requested for a refund for technicial issues, but never cooperate with our support team on the solution we provide.

Tips: all our programs provide file (photo, word, excel, powerpoint) preview before purchase, and you can save 1GB files for free as evaluation in the trial.

Due to the complicated case of data recovery, no program can ensure a 100% chance of recovery for your files. Large files like video files are easy to be damaged by Windows starting up or shutting down since it would write new files to your storage.

It is most happen that iCare would scan some possible files during disk scanning. Those files are useless and corrupted together with other recoverable files. Please preview lost photos and office files in the trial or save 30 files for free in the trial to make sure iCare would restore the lost files that you need. Refund policy does not cover those unreadable files.

Unlimited/Technician License is not with money back policy since there are many people in your company or organization using this software which allows unlimited use within location.