Pendrive/usb flash memory not recognized/detected in Windows 7/8/8.1/10


This article is about how to fix not recognized usb and restore files from USB disk/pen drive/thumb drive if it is not detected in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 disk management.

Pen drive not detected in windows 10/8/7

"My pen drive is corrupted because it does not work when I insert it to my computer under Windows 7 operating system. At beginning, the pen drive is showing as a RAW drive and asking for format. Since I cannot format it, I remove the pen drive and reinsert it to my computer, but the system cannot recognize the pen drive anymore. I have tried several times to reinsert the pen drive to my computer again and again, but it cannot be detected by system. How can I recover files from an unrecognized pen drive? Is there any way to repair the corrupted pen stick?"

Pen drive not detected in windowsPen drive not detected in windows

If your pen drive is not recognized by Windows system, you need to figure out what is the problem and what kind of damage your pen drive got. And then choose a suitable solution to repair your pen drive.

How to repair unreadable/undected pen drive

To fix the error, you need to figure out what the problem is. Here are two kinds of problems.

Situation 1: Pen drive not showing in Disk Management

Check if your pen drive can be detected at Disk Management. If your drive cannot be detected at “My Computer” or “Disk Management”, and when you insert the drive into computer, there is no sign on the computer. You can check your pen drive at another computer.

if it works on another computer, the problem is on the USB port of your computer, you can fix it at a computer repair shop.

If it doesn’t work either, your pen drive may be physically damaged, there is no way to online repair it, you can first try to change a USB port, if it still doesn’t work, you’d better change a new pen drive. If you do need the pen drive or the data on it, you can go to a digital device repair shop to ask for advice.

Situation 2: Pen drive not detected in Windows 7/8/10 but showing in Disk Management

If your pen drive cannot be detected at “My Computer” but can be recognized at “Disk Management”, then you can fix it without data loss. Just follow the steps below to make it.

1.Reinstall the undetected pen drive to fix it.

First of all, you can try to reinstall your computer. Just find the “Device Manager “ module at “Computer Management”, find your pen drive at the list of "Universal serial bus controllers", right click it to uninstall, and then insert your pen drive again.

If it works, it will fix the error, if it doesn’t work, try another solution below.

Reinstall the undetected pen driveReinstall the undetected pen drive

2. If your device becomes unreadable due to the raw file system, you can fix it by covert the raw drive into NTFS file system, this process will format all your data on it, you can try iCare Data Recovery to recover the data first. We will see the steps later.

3. If your pen drive becomes unreadable due to the attack of virus, you can fix your unreadable pen drive by recovering the data and removing the virus.

4.If your pen drive becomes inaccessible due to i/o device error, you can recover data first and then format the device to fix it. If Windows fails to format, you can try CMD command prompt to format it. We will see the steps later.

Video Tutorial: how to recover pen drive USB not recognized in Windows

Steps to Recover data from undetected pen drive

Step1. the pen drive to computer. Install iCare Data Recovery software. Choose a recovery module.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the device to scan.

wait while scanning

Step3. preview found files and select needed files to recover.

preview found photo

Steps to fix pen drive not detected using cmd in Windows 7/8/10

After you have recovered the data, you can fix the undetected problems with the instructions below.

Step1: If there is virus on the pen drive, you need to run anti-virus software to remove the virus.

Step2: Format the pen drive, first try quick format tool

Format pen drive to fix undetected errorFormat pen drive to fix undetected error

If Windows fails to complete the format, you can try Disk Management to format it.

Format the undetected pen drive with Disk ManagementFormat the undetected pen drive with Disk Management

The most effective tool to format the undetected pen drive is CMD command prompt, you can also try this way first.

Run CMD by pressing “Win+R” and then type“format l: /fs:ntfs”(l is the drive letter of your raw pen drive)

Repair corrupted SD card with CMDRepair corrupted pen drive with CMD

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