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How to recover deleted files from external/portable/usb hard drive after formatting? This is a tutorial to recover data from formatted external hard disk drive with free hdd format recovery software iCare Data Recovery Pro.

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Recover Files from Formatted External Hard Drive/USB Drive

Table of contents

In this article you may find the following contents related to external hdd format problem:

A. Accidentally formatted external hard drive - already reformatted

1. How to recover deleted files from external hard drive after formatting? -> Use free format recovery software iCare Recovery Pro Free Edition.
2. How to restore formatted portable hard drive with CMD(command line/prompt)? -> no format recovery command prompt is available for repairing/fixing formatted disk drive, use free software iCare Recovery Pro Free Edition do the job.

B. Format error, warns formatting required/needed - not formatted

Free download iCare Data Recovery Pro when it requires your disk drive needs formatting, or recover deleted data from formatted external hard disk drive by mistake or accident for free.

How to Recover Formatted Data from External Hard Drive with Free Software


>>Free Reformatted External Hard Disk Partition/Volume Recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro Free Edition to restore external hard drive after accidentally formatting for free so as to get back everything you need including photos, videos, music.

Step1. Download iCare Data Recovery Pro. Install and run the program. And you will see a screen with many options of recovery. Go to Deep Scan Recovery.

recover lost data

Step2. Select the formatted external HDD and wait the program to search lost data.
wait while scanning lost data

Step3. Double click photos and documents to preview. Then, select all kinds of files in batch to recover.
preview lost files

Formatting usually erases everything on your external hard drive, but it does not mean that the data was lost permanently. As long as the external HDD is not physically damaged and the data is not overwritten by new data, you can use iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover what you need from the formatted external drive.

>> Download the data recovery software and use it to deep scan the external hard drive for data recovery after formatting.

Supported Information for Portable Hard Drive Recovery after Reformatting

Supported data loss situations

iCare Data Recovery is dedicated to various kinds of data recovery. It is easy to use, no jargon inside. Only a few clicks, you can get your data back from a formatted external drive. Besides unformat, it still can do undelete, recover drives reading RAW, recover files lost due to partition lost, virus infection, SHIFT+DELETE data loss etc.

Supported different brand/capacity of Portable hdd

iCare Data Recovery supports unformat files from external hard drive larger than 500GB. All types of external hard drive brands like Toshiba, Iomega Prestige, Western Digital, Maxtor hard disk, Seagate, etc.

Repair/Format corrupted hard drive internal&external

The following information is only provided to these whoes hard drive is damaged/corrupted.

Solution 1: Repair damaged hard drive with error-checking provided by Windows to repair bad blocks.

Repair sandisk sd with error checkingRepair hard drive with Error-Checking

Solution 2: Format hard drive with cmd

Step1: open cmd and get your hard drive to PC if external

Repair inaccessible error SD card with CMDRepair hard drive with CMD

Step2: Type“format l: /fs:ntfs”(l is the drive letter of your hard drive)

Repair inaccessible error SD card with CMDRepair hard drive with CMD

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