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Recovering data from external hard disk HDD is possible with iCare Data Recovery Pro. Many people use external disk as a backup media that could save many important photos, video files and other important data. What if there was unexpected error happened on it? Like delete, format, raw not accessible, damaged??? Watch this video for a recovery.

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Last updated on 17/01/2017

Here are some common problems that you need to restore disk data:

However the external hard disk HDD may run into various kinds of problems that put your data into risk that you could no longer access the data. Then you need an external hard disk recovery - file rescue software that could bring lost data back to you when your media has lost data due to various kinds of cases.

Sometimes, you may meet the similar problem on a USB pen drive. If pen drive is not readable due to RAW not formatted error or other reasons, you can also use the software below to get back lost files.


>>Easy way to solve External Disk Data Recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue deleted or lost files from external hard disk drive after formatting, deleting or not formatted error, RAW file system and more.

Real User's Feedback after Using iCare Data Recovery Pro for External disk Restoration


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How to Rescue Data from External Hard Disk HDD

Step1. Connect your external hard disk to PC and free download iCare Data Recovery. Install, run the program and choose a proper mode to start.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the your device to scan the selected partition for lost files.

select drive
Step3. Preview the files listed from scanning process. Select and restore the files lost.

recover files

download usb recovery software

External hard disk is different from hard disk because it works as an external device to store or transfer data. You don’t need to install external hard disk to your computer but you only need to connect it to your computer through a USB cable to write or transfer a large amount of data, so people consider external hard disk as a convenient and large device for data storage and transferring. Along with more and more people like to use external hard disk due to its convenience and large capacities, they also find an unavoidable problem on external hard disk – data loss.

All Possible Situations that needs External Hard Disk Data Recovery

What mentioned above are the most common causes for external hard disk data loss, among which external hard disk error is often the most annoying situation. Below are some possible reasons for external hard disk error:

  • External disk infected with virus, spyware or Trojan, etc.
  • External hard disk has bad sectors, which disables you to access files on the disk.
  • External disk is damaged because of unexpected system shutdown, improper operation or application failure.

1. External Drive Format or Deleted File Recovery Attention:
After formatting an external hard disk or deleting files from the external disk, the files will be erased from partition table and the external disk space will become available. In order to recover all lost files due to formatting or deleting, do not put new data on the disk where data got lost.

2.External Hard Disk RAW Recovery Attention:
When your external hard disk is not accessible due to RAW file system, bad sectors on the disk or other reasons, you may want to try anything you can do to improve the current situation. However, anything you try to improve the situation might make the situation even worse. For instance, you may want to format your disk to change its file system from RAW to NTFS or FAT32, but what is worse, all data is lost after formatting. In order to prevent you from running into such a terrible situation, we advise you to get back lost data first before you can repair the problem on your external hard disk.

Rescue data from external disk hdd drive after it crashed

If you cannot afford to lose any data from your external hard disk, you can employ iCare Data Recovery Pro which provides useful solution to solve your problem like external hard disk format recovery, external hard disk deleted file recovery, external hard disk not formatted or external hard disk RAW file system, etc. As a data restoration tool, iCare Data Recovery Pro can even recover data from external hard disk when it is not recognized or detected by computer. This data recovery software can quickly scan the external hard disk and get back lost files in batch, so it is an effective and efficient data recovery tool.

Recover Deleted Data off External HDD Using Command Line

Command Line is able to help delete files from an external hard drive or internal HDD on Windows, but it is able to recover deleted data with Command Prompt.

The similar data loss problem can also occur on micro SD card, in which situation iCare Data Recovery Pro can also work. With this software, you can recover files from RAW micro SD card, recover formatted micro SD card data or deleted files.

download usb recovery software

Recover data now!

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