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FAQ: External hard disk got formatted accidentally

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Question:  I accidentally formatted my external hard disk. Is still possible to recover back the files?

Solution: Recover all your data back using iCare Data Recovery Pro.

"Format Recovery" module is a built-in recovery wizard that is to help users to retrieve formatted drive, formatted memory card like cf card, formatted ipod etc.

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Tutorial: How to retrieve data from formatted drive

This is a FAQ about CF card formatted recovery.

CF data recovery : What happended to my CF card?

The popularity of external hard drives is in continuous growing. They can be transported, replaced and borrowed easy but, they also can be easy formatted by mistake without any previous backup. If you experimented this situation and you are searching for a fast and good solution, you might want to read our recommendation. An accidentally formatted external hard disk doesn't means that you have lost all your important files if you use the proper software.

If you've done a quick format, then there is a solution on the market for you. Most of the normal utilities to recover data from formatted external hard drive will probably not work, as they often assume that you've simply deleted a file. But there is a hope and is named  iCare Data Recovery. Use this software and you will recover data after quick format with a simple mouse click, without any problems.

The easiest way to recover your lost files from your formatted external hard disk  is to use iCare Data Recovery, installed on your main hard drive and accessing the formatted external drive. A formatted external hard disk is not a problem for those who lost some data in this process because the solution is only a click away. They can recover the files from an external hard disk and many others, starting with entire deleted partitions, dynamic disks and up to memory cards using this software. Every lost photo or any important information will be available again for the user because this software has the capacity to recover any type of files.

FAQ about accidentally formatted external hard disk

Question from docdocdoc9 on 24 01 2005:

Hi guys, i have bought an external hard drive some months ago. In fact it's a normal IDE hard disk  with a 200 GB capacity, mounted in an external USB enclosure. It is partitioned in 2, a 32 GB FAT32 partition and a partition of almost 160 GB NTFS. I use it for keeping those files which are very important for me, to have them always with me because I travel a lot  and my laptop's hard drive capacity it isn't enough.

But yesterday, probably because of a shock or beyond normal limits vibration, i found that the NTFS partition is corrupted, some data files gave me errors when I wanted to open them, others even looked fine but all characters were changed. What should I do to recover all my files? I can't miss any since there are important files and this is way I prefer to ask somebody who really knows all those steps.


If you want to unformat your external hard disk, you may recover all your files following some simple steps:

Install the iCare Data Recovery Pro on your laptop's main drive using the license code received after you purchased this product. After this, connect the external hard disk through the USB port and reboot the system. After the system is up, start the software. Go to "Format Recovery" for formatted drive file recovery. Select the external partition you need to recover and let this software to do his job.  iCare Data Recovery  is user friendly and it's interface is pretty intuitive, so that  it won't be a problem to figure all by yourself what will be the next steps.

The iCare Data Recovery is perfect to recover all type of files from external formatted hard disks. It will help you get back all your photos, documents, mp3, outlook file, presentations, and it also works with any type of storage media like hard drive, removable hard drive, digital camera SD card, USB drives, iPod, memory card etc. It will  work on every operating system, even on Windows 7, an important feature since most of the software from the market are not compatible with this operating system and seem  unable to function on anything else than Windows XP.

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Tips for CF card recovery: if your PC ever noticed you "the dirve is not formatted" and you did not perform the format, be free to try another module "Advanced Recovery".

CF card (Compact Flash) was originally a kind of portable electronic devices used for data storage devices. As a storage device, which revolutionized the use of a flash memory, the first time in 1994, produced by SanDisk Corporation and developed a related specifications. At present, it is the physical format has been used in a variety of devices. From the appearance on the CF card can be divided into two types: CF I-type card and later some of CF II-type cards. From the speed it can be divided into CF card, high-speed CF card (CF + / CF 2.0 specifications), a faster CF 3.0 standard has also been adopted in 2005. CF II slot-type is mainly used for mini hard drives and some other equipment.

All CF card devices like camera, cellphone etc. are supported when running format recovery. All you have to do is to connet CF card to a Windows PC and run recovery.

The data recovery software is also available when you mistakenly format micro SD card or when micro SD card turns to RAW file system.

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