Undo Quick Format, Unformat a quick format Free


If you quick formatted flash drive, sd card, or hard drive(internal&external) by mistake, undo quick format with unformat tool that can help bring lost data back in Windows 11/10/8/7 with a few clicks.

Why Undo Quick Format Is Possible

Usually a right click format with quick format option checked is an easy job since quick formatting only removes the file allocation table for a flash drive or hard drive and data on the storage device are all still there until they were totally overwritten by new files.

accidentally formatted hard disk

Besides the right click format option displayed on the above image, the following quick format can also be restored:

  1. Right click drive or card on disk management, and made a quick format
  2. Pressed format sd card on mobile phone
  3. Pressed format option on camera
  4. Pressed format option on other digital devices that reads usb stick or memory card
  5. Quick formatted an external usb disk...

3 Steps to Undo Quick Format

iCare Recovery Pro offers free undo format that can efficiently restore files if you stop using the quick formatted drive right away before files were overwritten.

Download iCare Pro Free

Step1. Download the tool and install on a Windows pc, open it and select its recovery mode -'Deep Scan Recovery'. (Get your storage device connected to computer if its an external drive or usb stick or memory card)

select recovery mode

Step2.   Choose the drive that has been quick formatted

wait while scanning

Step3. Save files onto another drive.

preview found photo

Question: If I continued using the quick formatted drive, can I still undo the format?

Answer: If there are some new files saved to the formatted drive or card, say, you saved a lot of new images on the sd card that reported a format request after the formatting, some of lost files could be damaged and won't open even they were restored. However this is not 100% damage, so some of formatted files can still be restored when the lost data were not totally overwritten.

Undo Quick Format Freeware

If you are looking for some undo quick format tools free, here are some for consideration.

  • iCare Recovery Free, totally free tool
  • PhotoRec, free tool that is built with cmd command lines
  • Recuva, free for home user, $29 to upgrade

Question: Can you unformat a quick format?

Answer: It's so simple and easy to unformat a quick format on usb drive memory card or internal hard drives with unformat software since these tools would help read files on the blocks when the storage media has been destoryed on the FAT.

Question: Does quick format erase all data?

Answer: No, quick format won't erase data but will only mark the data to be empty.

Question: How do I undo quick format a hard disk partition?

Answer: Download the above unformat tool and select the quick formatted partition and get the data back.

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