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Flash Drive RAW File Recovery by iCare Data Recovery Pro

flash drive not formattedDo you want to restore files from raw flash drive? Do you want to fix the problem without losing any data when flash drive reports message like "disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now"? Try iCare Data Recovery Pro. Working with flash drive RAW files can sometimes leave users with poorly encrypted images and corrupt data files.  iCare Data Recovery Pro can help in a variety of these types of scenarios.  There are quite often issues with Windows recognizing a flash drive or the files contained within.  There may be error messages stating 'RAW file not read,' or 'Disk not formatted.'

Steps to Recover Files from RAW Flash Drive

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Step1. Plug the RAW flash drive to the PC where has installed the software. Start the program and select a mode for scanning.

select recovery
Step2. Wait the software to scan the RAW thumb drive.

select drive
Step3. Select files found by the software to scan and then restore them.

recover files

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Retrieve raw flash disk drive files

Getting into the resolution of these road blocks can lead users in a catastrophic direction in which files and folders will be lost forever.  With iCare Data Recovery Pro, however, you don't need to worry about losing files.  Not only does the software work with multiple components of all installed hardware on Windows to guide you step-by-step in avoiding disaster; it also offers a comprehensive rescue capability to retrieve lost files due to premature formatting, network failure, loss of power, failed partitions, and much, much more.

Flash drives were made to offer users an efficient mode of transferring data.  When the drive becomes corrupt or flash drive RAW files are experiencing some type of conflict with your computer or other installed hardware, iCare Data Recovery Pro will help you sort out the details.  The software will help you identify the source of the problem, and offer you a guided solution to resolve the matter quickly without resulting in the loss of precious files, folders or photographs.

It is important to note:  Files are more easily preserved if you do not format the RAW partition before you recover files from a RAW flash drive.   If you have formatted the RAW partition, do not write future files to that particular partition.  This action could lead to all files contained within the partition to become corrupt.

All recovery attempts are most successful when they are done immediately following an error.  Continuing to add data to a drive or partition when data loss is at risk&dangerous and could make it impossible to retrieve all of your lost data.  Do not attempt to resolve the issue by downloading anything besides iCare Data Recovery Pro.  It is a read-only and reliable program that will protect your files with unmatched quality.

You have nothing to lose by trying iCare Data Recovery Pro for free.  For problems concerning flash drive RAW data, you can count on iCare to provide you with an applicable solution specific to your needs.  Experience a universal solution at your fingertips, and see why iCare is quickly becoming the most preferred retrieval software among users. 

Repair RAW Error on Flash Drive

Flash drive, namely USB flash drive or thumb drive, appeals to many people due to its small size with large capacity. You can fix RAW error on a thumb drive to convert RAW to FAT32. Some USB stick whose storage capacity is larger than 32GB might be formatted to NTFS file system. You can convert raw to ntfs with diskpart format or format tool.

==>> To fix RAW error on a flash drive, please refer to: RAW drive fix

Windows Says USB Flash Drive Is Not Able to Be Formatted

The only way to format a USB flash drive is to connect it to a computer that can recognize it.

==>> If USB thumb drive cannot be formatted by Windows, please go to this article: Windows was unable to complete format

Memory Card RAW Unformatted

The similar RAW format problem can also occur on memory card. If memory card warns not formatted message and turns to RAW file system, you can follow the guide above to get back lost files. If you mistakenly format memory card from RAW to FAT32 before getting back lost data, you should avoid adding new data to the formatted card. iCare Data Recovery software allows you to recover files from formatted SD card, unformat CF card, XD card and more.

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