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CF card, namely compact flash card, is widely used in PDA, laptop, digital camera and desktop and more for data storage or transferring. Since you may store thousands of photos, videos, audio files and other types of files on a CF card, any issue with the card might be a data loss disaster. In addition to simple deleting or formatting, the data stored on a CF card probably gets lost due to various kinds of CF memory card errors:

1. CF card format error
2. Digital camera cannot recognize CF card
3. CF card shows blank and has unsupported file system
4. CF card write protection
This article will introduce methods to fix those different problems on a CF card and recover pictures when CF card has any error.

CF Card Format Error

This problem usually occurs when you attempt to open your CF card to read, copy, delete or write some data. You may fail to open your CF memory card and get error message saying the card is not formatted do you want to format it now whether you insert the CF card to a digital camera, PDA or computer. It probably keeps saying the format cannot be completed when you confirm to format the CF card which shows not formatted error. Usually, you may face this problem due to many reasons such as virus infection, improper operation, system corruption, CF card corruption, etc. If you meet this problem, you can follow the guide below to fix the issue:

1. The most important thing is to get back all inaccessible data from the CF card. Usually, you often have to rely on a data recovery program for data recovery if you do not have any backup.

2. After recovering data from unformatted CF card, you can format the CF card to fix the not formatted error on it. If it says cannot complete the format, you can try following methods to resolve the problem:

>> Run antivirus software to check if the CF card is attacked by any virus or Trojan. Sometimes, Windows would fail to complete format an unformatted CF card because it contains virus. You can try to full format the CF card after erasing all possible viruses.
>> Connect the unformatted CF card to Windows computer and run Windows Error-checking tool to check if there are bad sectors on it. Try to format the card after repairing bad sectors on it.
>> If you are unable to finish the format by connecting the CF card to Windows PC, you can reinsert it to the original digital camera and try to format it there.

Digital Camera Cannot Detect CF Card

CF card is a common flash memory card that can be used in various kinds of digital camera, but it is not compatible with all digital cameras. Therefore, sometimes you may find that CF card does not work after inserting it to some camera. In addition to incompatibility issue, a digital camera might stop recognizing CF card due to many other reasons.

Reasons and solutions:

1. CF card is corrupted
If CF card is corrupted due to any reason, it probably stops working in your digital camera or any device. In this situation, you had better make it clear what causes the CF card corruption so that you can take proper measure to fix the problem.
2. Digital camera is corrupted
CF card might be not able to be recognized by digital camera because the camera is broken. In this situation, you have to repair the digital camera instead of the CF card.

CF Card Shows Blank and Has Unsupported File System

Sometimes, CF card would show blank though it contains many files. Its file system probably changed to unsupported file system like RAW or unknown. When encountering such kind of problem, the only chance to retrieve data from CF card is to use data recovery software. Then, you format the CF card to a proper file system. You had better format the card in your digital camera in order to format it to a proper file system that can be compatible with the camera.

CF Card Write Protection

Write protection is a function on different types of media, which is able to protect important data from being modifying, moving, copying, formatting or deleting. Therefore, you can set write protection on your CF card to prevent unexpected modification to the card. However, sometimes, CF card gets write protected with unknown reason, in which situation you are not able to edit, delete, copy any file or perform other operations on the card except reading data. If you have never set write-protection on the CF card, probably the card is infected with virus. Therefore, the best way is to run a useful antivirus tool to scan the CF card to check and remove virus. You can also use some format tool to format the card. Before formatting, you can use a data recovery tool to extract all files from the write-protected CF card.

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