Compact Flash Card Cannot Be Formatted

CF card is not formatting in camera

The Stories:

  • Canon 40d keeps saying cannot format card
  • 5D Mark II cf card error: cannot format or change card
  • CF card is not reading, cannot format after Canon factory resetting

The Solutions:

Here are some quick fixes that you may do when your camera is unable to format compactflash card.

  • Backup files from cf card at first with card reader connected to a computer if files are important to you
  • Format cf card FAT in Windows 10/11/8/7 computers when the camera is small and old since some old cameras can only recognize FAT file system while many compactflash card are produced large with exfat file system. It is useful when the camera such as Canon/Nikon/Fujifilm/Samsung is unbale to format the cf cardformat cf card fat when unable to format
  • Format cf card fat32 if there is no FAT option for cf card in Windows computer, and see whether the cf card can work with your camera
  • Restore files from cf card at first, and then low level format cf card with cameralow level format cf card when unable to format
  • Format cf card with cmd diskpart in Windows computers with the following stepsformat tool for cf card when unable to format

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Unable to format CF card Windows Fixes

What shall I do when Compact Flash card cannot be formatted in Windows computer 11/10/8/7? All files stored on the card are inaccessible? If you run into a situation that a Compact Flash card changes to RAW file system and asks to reformat but Windows reports it was unable to complete the format when you attempt to do so, please stop all operations at once!

windows is unable to complete the format Windows was unable to format compact flash card in Windows 11/10/8/7

Video - fix memory card cannot be formatted

Raw CF Card Recovery Free Download

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Compact Flash Card Data Recovery When It Cannot Format

iCare Data Recovery Free is a data recovery utility which is able to recover different kinds of files when Compact Flash card turns to RAW format and cannot be formatted. You just need to connect your CF card to a Windows PC and follow the steps below to recover data from CF card within a few steps:

download data recovery software

Step1. Free download -> install -> run the software - choose recovery option on PC.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the RAW Compact flash card click click Next button.

wait while scanning

Step3. Click a file and preview it, then select the folders or files to retrieve.

preview found photo


Firstly, you can download a format program to format the CF card, but it may cause unexpected damage to your CF card. If this is not what you want, you also have another choice – download a data recovery tool for CF card to get back every piece of inaccessible data without formatting the Compact Flash Card.

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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