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The Scenarios: Accidentally deleted pictures off CompactFlash card? Formatted CF card by mistake? Or cf card is damaged? How do I recover data from my CF card?cf card recovery

The solution: CF card photo recovery or data retrieval is possible if you stop using the card immediately and take it out from its device at first and then recover data from cf card with professional cf card recovery software.

How to Recover data from CF card after delete/format/not working

Free Memory Card Recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro Free to recover files from mobile phone camera memory card including photos, videos, music...

3 Steps - Free CF Card Photo Video Recovery

#1. Download iCare Pro Free to install. Launch it and select 'Deep Scan Mode' module.

select recovery
#2. Select cf card and wait to scan.
wait while scanning

#3. Save data from cf card onto another device

recover files

Repair damaged cf card on Windows 11/10/8/7 with cmd chkdsk - FREE

If your compact flash card is damaged, you may repair by the following chkdsk command line.

hotAlso read -> 7 ways fix damaged memory card

Free compactflash card recovery when

  1. CF card was formatted by mistake, you should firstly connect the CF card with the computer by inserting the card into a card reader and then all formatted files could be restored.
  2. CF card has raw filesystem format and cf card asks formatting in computer when it said 'You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it'.
  3. CF card has bad blocks, damaged, inaccessible
  4. Compact flash card io device error, inaccessible, unreadable, write protected, cannot be formatted
  5. CF card photo, video lost due to copy and paste, or images deleted by mistake from camera...

CF Card Recovery Possibilities

CF card recovery varies on different scenarios depending on what happened to the cf card and here are some common knowledge you may know

  1. When there is bad block on the compact flash card, mostly it could be restored by chkdsk or error checking, read more here -> how to repair bad block on memory card
  2. When cf card cannot be deleted, formatted, or changed, mostly it is dying on its chips -> Physical damages that no program could help fix it
  3. When cf card has logical errors such as unknown filesystem, not formatting, io device error etc, mostly it could be restored by reformatting, or cleaning its attribute of 'readonly or write protection'


Q1. Sometimes the device cannot recognize my memory card. I have checked the CF card and device, but nothing seems wrong? What is the matter?

Quick fix -> how to solve memory card not detected problem
A: You may use a card reader to check whether the file system on your CF card is FAT format. If not, you should format your CF card before inserting it in camera. If the system has nothing wrong, it may be the compatibility between the CF card and the device.

Q2. I came across this kind of situation: When I plug my CF card into device, it works well. However, it suddenly stops working later on.
A: Your CF card is disabled or corrupted if it is improperly plugged or unplugged. When the system is still working with your card, the data transferring will fail. Errors in the file system will take up some available flash memory so that CF card cannot save files. Just format the CF card can fix it.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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