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How to remove/disable write protection from SD memory card/USB pen drive/external hard drive in Windows 10/8.1/7? Do you need write protection removable software to disable write protection when it reports "The disk is write-protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk"?

This article shares all possible methods to remove write protection, format write protected disk, and delete write protected files/folders on USB thumb drive/micro SD card/pen stick/portable HDD.

What Is the Write Protection Function?

The write protection function is a technology that has been widely used on USB flash drives or memory cards and can help people protect storage device information away from any unexpected editing or changing. In other words, once the write protection function of your storage device is turned on, you often are not able to do any change to the inner stored data, including deleting, cutting, copying, editing and even formatting. So, in this way, it can be a really good way for people protect their important flash drive or memory card data. However, sometimes, it also brings troubles for storage device users.

USB Flash Drive or Memory Card Gets Write-Protection Error?

Windows computer system warns you and says: "The disk is write-protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk", when you are merely trying to delete, cut or edit something stored on a memory card or USB flash drive? Really need to remove that unfamiliar "write protected" error and also do some changes to your memory card or USB drive files, videos, audios, photos and other stuffs? OK! Such write-protection error often happens when people do urgently want to erase or edit something inside. In such cases, generally, what people are supposed to do is only to turn off that write protection function at first.

Common Methods to Remove Write Protection from Memory Card or USB Flash Drive

Do you know how to get rid of the write protection error of your memory cards or thumb drives? If not, also do not worry. Continue your reading and learn some common ways to remove that write protection within ease:

Method1: Find Write Protection Switch   
Many USB drive and memory cards are created with a special switch that often is placed on the one side of the storage device and can help people easily turn up or down the write protection functions. So, check your thumb drive or memory card and look for that specific switch. And then, simply slide it up or down to lock or unlock this device.

Method 2: Try a Different Card Reader or Adapter
Some USB memory card Readers or adaptors are manufactured with write-protection on. So, when you get such write-protected device error, it is not always your memory card or USB drive that has been write-protected. So, in such cases, simply change another different card reader or adaptor to have a try.

Method3: Run Error-checking Tool
Such write protected device error doesn't always indicate your memory card or flash drive is really write-protected. It also can be aroused by some drive or memory card errors. So, you also can try to run the Windows error-checking tool and see whether this error problem could be removed. Merely right click this storage device in "My Computer" to highlight "Properties" and tab "Tools" to Press "Check Now…" And then, wait till the checking process is finished. And, at last, see whether you will receive the same write-protection problem again.

Method4. Reset the Computer Registry

If your computer has been set to write protect every external storage device all the time, you also will undoubtedly receive such write protection errors every time. So, to remove such unwanted errors completely, you’d better firstly reset your computer registry to remove that write protection function as below:

Step1. Click "Start" to click "Run" and type in "regedit".
Step2. Click "My Computer" > "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" > "SYSTEM" > "CurrentControlSet" > "Control" > "StorageDevicePolicies".
Step3. Find "Write Protect" key on the right side.
Step4. Edit the DWORD value from "1" to "0"

Please Note:

If you find no "StorageDevicePolicies" under the "Control" folder, just right click "Control" folder to choose "New" and name the newly created key as "StorageDevicePolicies". And then, right click "StorageDevicePolicies" to highlight "DWORD value" in the "New" option list and name the newly created key as "write protect". And then, at last, edit the DWORD value as "0".

Method5: Use Related Software - Write Protection Remover Software
Are you still not able to disable that memory card or flash drive write protection, even when you do have tried above mentioned four methods? OK! If you do find no right way to remove this write protection error, you can directly take chances with related software that can help you get rid of that write protection error with ease clicks. Simply open your Google or other similar websites and search for one over the internet.

Method6: Do Antivirus Scanning Process or Low Level Formatting Process There
Sometimes, when you are sure the write-protection is not opened, you also can receive such write-protected device error due to virus-infection error or some storage device damages. So, in order to check whether it is caused by unknown viruses, you can merely run your antivirus tools to scan this memory card or flash drive. If antivirus tools find no dangerous or suspicious information on your storage device, simply format this device and see whether the formatting can make a difference. If the formatting process also cannot be performed there, you’d better choose a device format tool and level format this device to take chances.

Related Tips:

1).Purchase a new storage device to instead the "write protected" one timely.
This write protection error also can pop out when your storage device is physically damaged. So, if you do have tried several methods mentioned above and also are in vain, this device must be damaged seriously, with enough money, simply buy a new one for future use.

2). Back up all memory card or flash drive data well in advance, if possible.
No matter which method you are going to try, the stored device data is really important and cannot be deleted or lost, right? If possible, always back up these left device stuffs well in advance.

3). Recover data from write-protected memory card or hard drive with data recovery software.
If you really cannot save one, two or more copy of everything inside on other drives or locations at first and also format this memory card or hard drive to remove its write-protection problems at last, you also have no need to worry too much. After accidental deletion or format, people also can try to recover data from memory cards, flash drives or hard drives with data recovery software. So, download one and check whether your original photos, documents, videos or the likes are still recoverable.

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