Data Recovery Software for Windows 7 64Bit

In this article, we will introduce a free data recovery program for Windows 7 64bit users, with which they can restore any lost data from the computer that runs Windows 7 64bit operating system.
Windows 7 64bit belongs to Windows 7 OS, which often runs faster and has better performance than Windows 7 32bit. Many PC users like to install Windows 7 64bit operating system on their computer, but its users still cannot escape from data loss problems due to this and that kind of reasons.

Data Recovery Software for Windows 7 64bit Recovery

When data lost from a Windows 7 64bit computer, a third-party data recovery software is needed if you want to get back the lost files. iCare Data Recovery is a professional and advanced data recovery software that can work on Windows 7 64bit operating system. With this software, you may recover lost pictures, videos, music and all other types of files. The software provides the fastest way to scan the partition where data got lost and enables you to preview found files when scanning is completed. You can select all files that have been found to recover them in batch. Or you can only select the files you need and recover them quickly.

Windows 7 64bit Data Recovery Step by Step

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Steps to Recover Windows 7 Partition Data

Free download the data recovery software now and recover permanently deleted files on Windows 7 by following the guide below:

Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the partition where data got lost and click "Recover" button.

select drive
Step3. You only need to wait when the software is scanning.

recover files
Step4. You can preview the found files. Then choose the files you need and click "Save Files" button to recover and save them in a different location rather than the original place.

NTFS / FAT Partition Recovery Software Free Download for Windows 7 64 bit

NTFS and FAT are two common file systems on Windows 7 64bit computer. When you want to recover data from Windows 7 64bit partition, you may need to recover files from an NTFS partition or FAT partition. Usually, iCare Data Recovery supports to recover files from both NTFS and FAT partition when files got lost due to deleting, formatting or even partition got lost, deleted. If you delete files from Windows 7 partition, the first thing is to go to recycle bin to see if all deleted data can be restored there. You cannot recover deleted files from recycle bin after emptying. In order to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 7 NTFS or FAT partition, one most important thing is that you can not write new data to the partition to overwrite the space where was used to save lost files.

FAT / NTFS Became RAW Partition on Windows 7 64 bit

RAW drive error is a common problem on all Windows computer, which means that the original NTFS or FAT file system has changed to RAW. You may receive disk not formatted error message at the same time when a partition becomes RAW file system. To format the partition or not to format it, it might be a difficult choice for users who run into RAW drive error for the first time. We would like to suggest not formatting the partition before files are recovered. When Windows operating system pop up disk not formatted error message, you can ignore it and run iCare Data Recovery to perform a deep scan on the partition that shows the error. Finally, you can format the partition to convert its file system to FAT or NTFS when files have been restored and saved in another storage device.

Windows 7 64 bit Lost Partition Recovery

Many Windows 7 users are hunted by lost partition recovery because they are unable to see the partition on their computer. Disk partition will get lost when you delete it in "Disk Management". If your computer is infected with virus or Trojan, partition may also disappear from your computer. For Windows 7 64 bit lost partition recovery, iCare Data Recovery is also helpful. This software allows you to perform deleted partition recovery on Windows 7 and lost partition recovery as long as the hard disk is not physically damaged. You can select the device where partition got lost and then the software will search for all lost files from the lost partition.

Format Recovery on Windows 7 64 bit

If you format a disk partition on Windows 7, you can use iCare Data Recovery to recover files from the formatted partition. The software is helpful after full format or quick format Windows 7 partition. After formatting a partition, the partition will be erased and you are able to write new data to the partition. In this situation, you are highly recommended not to write any data to the formatted partition. When a file is written to the partition, you don’t know which space it will occupy. If the space where stored the lost files is occupied by the new added file, the original files which was stored on this space will become unrecoverable with any Windows 7 format recovery software.

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Works for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Windows 8


iCare Data Recovery Pro : powerful all in one rescue software for Windows All OS

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