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This page shares data recovery software, which is able to work on Windows 7 OS for file recovery from different storage media such as internal hard drive, recycle bin and removable disk.

Data Recovery Software Compatible with Windows 7

For data recovery on Windows 7, data recovery software that is compatible with Win7 system is very important. Sometimes, you may want to perform data recovery from an internal hard disk or removable disk on Windows 7 because your computer runs Win7 OS. Or sometimes, you may need to fix Windows 7 problems to retrieve files.

Windows 7 Recovery Guide

download data recovery software

iCare Data Recovery Pro provides file recovery solution from any media on Windows 7 following the guide below:

Step1. Download and install the software on Windows 7 for free. Then, start the software and select a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the drive where data got lost and then the software will scan it.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview files and then save them to another path.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Recover Data from HDD Windows 7

Whether you use a desktop or laptop, hard drive is a necessary part on which you can install system and save all kinds of files. In addition to system partition, you can erase data from hard disk partition easily by formatting or deleting. Although files deleted from any hard disk partition on Windows 7 will be moved to recycle bin, the deleted data does not keep there permanently. For hard disk recovery on Windows 7, you should remember not to install the data recovery tool on the partition where data got lost.

Restore Files off Removable Disk Windows 7

Sometimes, you lose some data from a removable disk like external hard drive, memory card or USB flash drive. The files on those removable disks might be erased when you connect it to Windows 7 or files get lost on other devices like your mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, etc.

Windows 7 Deleted File Recovery

You can permanently delete files from Windows 7 hard disk partition in following situations:

Permanently deleted files are recoverable before new data is written to the disk partition on Windows 7.

Format Recovery on Windows 7

There are three basic ways to format a disk drive on Windows 7, namely

  • Format disk drive by opening My Computer
  • Format a volume under Disk Management
  • Use diskpart command to format disk drive on Windows 7

When formatting any volume on Windows 7, you can perform quick format to erase the disk fast, or you can perform full format to check if the volume has bad sectors. Any method to perform a format would wipe the disk immediately, in which situation only data recovery software for Windows 7 has the ability to undo format.

Windows 7 Troubleshooting

If Windows 7 has any problem, the data loss is probably serious and difficult to recover. When you meet different problems on Windows 7, it might be:

Windows 7 detected hard disk problem

Windows 7 reports problem on hard disk and disables you to read, write, move or copy any data? Such kind of problem usually includes:

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Windows 7 problem

Windows 7 system is crashed or has similar problems, which lead the computer to unbootable or stops function?

Windows 7 system may have many other errors, which stops you from accessing the system normally. If any data got lost due to Windows 7 error, the first thing is to recover data. If it does not cause any data loss, you had better make a backup to protect against future data loss.

You can run iCare Data Recovery Pro on Windows 7 if PC can still starts normally. If computer cannot boot anymore, you can connect the hard disk in Windows 7 to another computer to perform data recovery.

File Recovery after Windows 7 System Reinstall

System reinstall is a good way to fix Windows 7 system problems. Usually, you can reinstall Windows 7 from CD, DVD, USB flash drive or hard disk drive. Usually, it needs 25GB available space for Windows 7 32 bit version reinstallation and 50GB for Windows 7 64bit version reinstallation. You can reinstall Windows 7 system without touching any data on all hard disk partitions except for system partition. Of course, you can also erase all other partitions during system reinstallation. You can perform file recovery after losing due to reinstalling Windows 7.

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