Recover Formatted CF Card - I accidentally formatted my cF card by Mistake

Question: How to recover deleted photos from CF card after accidentally formatting? Can you recover files from formatted cf card of Sandisk Extreme Pro, Lexar, Cloudisk, Transcend, Kingston...?

Solution: Recover data after formatting memory card with free recovery tool - iCare Data Recovery Pro.

cf card recovery

Formatted CF Card Recovery

Download iCare Free to Recover Formatted CF Card

"Format Recovery" is a built-in recovery ability in iCare Pro that is to help users to retrieve formatted drive, unformat memory card like cf card, micro sd card, xd card etc.

3 Steps for Formatted CompactFlash Recovery

Step 1 - Download iCare Pro Free, and then insert your cf card to Windows computer with a card adaptor.

Download iCare Pro to start formatted cf card recovery

select recovery

Step 2, Choose cf card in iCare for scanning, And it would find data from your formatted cf card.

recover files

Step 3, Save found photos, videos by clicking each or in batch in the left panel, and then click 'Next' to save them.

All CF card devices like camera, cellphone etc. are supported when running format recovery. All you have to do is to connect CF card to a Windows PC and run recovery.

Why iCare Pro is able to perform free CF card formatted recovery

What happened to the CF card? Were data deleted after formatting the compact flash card?

When inquiring "CF card accidentally formatted", you probably performed FORMAT (no matter quick format or regular format) and you lost your files. Or you might encountered the error "cf card is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" Is there any chance of cf card formatted recovery?

The answer is yes with the help of some special cf card unformat tool, like iCare Data Recovery Pro which has a recovery ability "Format Recovery".

All you have do to is to download the free CF card recovery software iCare free, run it on a Windows based platform and then connect your device which CF card is in and then to search files with iCare Data Recovery "Deep Recovery".

Tips for CF card recovery: if your PC ever noticed you " the dirve is not formatted" and you did not perform the format, be free to try another module "Deep Scan Recovery".

CF card (Compact Flash) was originally a kind of portable electronic devices used for data storage devices. As a storage device, which revolutionized the use of a flash memory, the first time in 1994, produced by SanDisk Corporation and developed a related specifications.

At present, it is the physical format has been used in a variety of devices. From the appearance on the CF card can be divided into two types: CF I-type card and later some of CF II-type cards. From the speed it can be divided into CF card, high-speed CF card (CF + / CF 2.0 specifications), a faster CF 3.0 standard has also been adopted in 2005. CF II slot-type is mainly used for mini hard drives and some other equipment.

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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