AVI file recovery - Recover Deleted or Corrupt AVI Video File

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Tutorial - how to recover deleted avi file from sd card

The first thing you should pay attention to is you should not attempt to write anything to the target storage medium. In other words, do not create more files on the storage medium otherwise it may overwrite the lost file data remaining on the medium, thus causing the decrease of AVI recovery possibility and effectiveness. You must not download or install AVI Recovery on the target medium, either. You must not save the recovered files back to the target medium.

iCare Data Recovery: professional software that could restore .avi files after format or deletion or lost due to virus etc. The following tutorial will show you how to recover deleted avi file from sd card on pc.

Download iCare Pro Free

Step 1. Connect the device or memory card (through a card reader) to the computer. Then download and install the AVI recovery tool. Run the program and you'll see main interface shown below.

select recovery option

Step 2. Select the drive and continue. The software will perform a scan process. A lot of video files will be found during the scan. You can see the snapshots.

wait while scanning lost data

Step 3. Click on the selected AVI files to preview part of the content. If you are sure the videos are what you want, restore and save them to a different drive.

preview lost data

How to repair corrupted avi file that does not open or play

Free avi repair tool #1, VLC or VLC Media Player is an versatile video player that does not limited to play but somehow can do the magic to repair avi file which is not deadly damaged by the following way.

Menu > Convert option and feed the corrupt video there. Choose any of the MP4 options as output. The original file won’t be affected. If the damage is not huge, VLC usually will do the job.

Download url: https://www.videolan.org/

Free avi repair tool #2, BandiFix, a video fix utility that is built in a shareware but offered as free utility that users may use it for free to fix damaged avi file. Here are the steps to fix corrupt avi file with Bandifix

  1. Step 1 - Download BandiCam, install it and open it
  2. Step 2 - select the corrupt AVI file that you want to fix in Bandifix and BandiFix will automatically start to process and repair the damaged file

If you are not clear about how to use Bandifix, you may find the BandiCam installation folder, and then double clicking bandifix, load your damaged avi file to start repairing.

The repaired avi file would be saved as a new file on the same folder.

Download url: https://www.bandicam.com/ [Note: this is a commercial tool but it contains free Bandifix that won't ask for a pay to repair avi file.]

How to tell whether avi file is dying that cannot be restored

There are many users said on the internet that some of avi video repair tools does not work when they paid a license.

We would advise users use the above two ways to fix corrupt avi file as the first rescue tools. And then be cautious about the commercial video repair tools and only pay a license if it could repair the avi file sound and the restored avi file could play correctly.

When an avi file was overwritten, usually it was deleted or lost and you kept saving new files on the same destination, then the avi file could be corrupt and mostly it could not be restored - dying.

Getting more help? See here: online repair guide

How AVI File Was Deleted/Corrupt

Generally file loss is due to logical or physical reasons. Logical errors include human mistaken deletion, format, software corruption, virus attack, etc, and physical errors include hardware damage, such as memory card getting burned, water damaged, etc.

Whatever reason it may be, as long as the card can be recognized by the computer, you can use iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover the lost files.

Note: physically damaged cards cannot be recognized.

We feel obliged to inform you of the inner mechanism of deletion. When you delete a file, the data is not erased immediately. The file system marks the space as free so new files can occupy the space and overwrite the data. Therefore, you should perform data recovery as soon as possible, because once the files are overwritten, you can not recover them. Don't create new files after you discovered the data loss.

More on AVI File Recovery

Most AVI files we come across are movies. Their sizes are large. We download and keep them in memory card in the phone, or in usb sticks. Frequent move and creation of such big files on memory card or any flash drive is not good for the service life of the drive. To protect the memory card and files we recommend you keep these kinds of files on the computer. Only keep the ones you are in use on the memory card. And never download from Internet any file directly onto the memory card, instead, you should download files to hard disks and later transfer them to the card.

AVI file recovery software

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Many movies on the Internet are in avi format. They are to be downloaded and viewed on mobile phone. This article discusses the measure you should take, when you lose the avi files. Many people keep movies or short video clips on their cell phones. What shall they do if the files get lost? Free avi file recovery software would be your best choice.

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