Online Repair for Corrupted Device even Physically Damaged


This article is about how to online repair corrupted storage device like Mobile Phone, USB flash drive, Memory Card, External HDD, PC, SD card, micro SD card, and recover all the data. I will show you the different solutions for different situations.

"My USB flash drive is corrupted, now it can not be read most times and the data was lost. Is there any way to repair damaged memory card/USB drive without formatting using CMD?"

This is a common situation for people who use memory card/USB flash drive/external hard drive disk/SD card/micro SD card as their data storage device. And there are still many other situations that you may have your device corrupted and formatted. These devices are vulnerable to get corrupted or damaged. And these problems can cause you big trouble. But don’t worry, I will show you some solutions for different situations about how to repair corrupted data storage device and recover all the data you need.

online repair corrupted device Online repair corrupted device

Online repair corrupted usb flash drive/sd/hdd for free

1. Online repair corrupted device with CMD chkdsk /f/x or /f/r/x

It is possible to run CMD to check and repair some errors in a corrupted phone/thumb drive/hard disk drive external/memory card or perform format on any disk.


Run CMD > and type "chkdsk/x/f/drive letter of corrupted media (e.g. chkdsk/x/f/h:)

repair damaged file system

2. CMD to format

Run CMD to format the corrupted flash drive/memory card/USB hdd This is a free way you can have a try.

repair damaged file system

3. Online repair corrupted device by checking the USB Port

online repair corrupted device with usb cable online repair corrupted device with usb cable

If your usb has corrupted problem, you can check the usb port, problems on the usb port will make your flash drive undetectable, which is similar to corrupted device problem. Similarly, you can check the sd card reader, usb cable, etc.

4. Online repair corrupted device by error-checking function

Step1: right click your device, choose "property"

online repair corrupted device by error-checking functiononline repair corrupted device by error-checking function

Step2: Navigate to "Tools", choose"Error-Checking"

Step3: Select "Automatically fix the file system error" to let windows repair your digital device bad sectors

online repair corrupted device by error-checking functiononline repair corrupted device by error-checking function

5. Online repair corrupted device by antivirus software or formatting your device

If you are not sure of the reason why your device get corrupted, you can try formatting it, or use a antivirus software, most of the time, virus infection can be a main cause for device corrupted.

Online repair corrupted device by antivirus software or formatting your deviceOnline repair corrupted device by antivirus software or formatting your device

6. Online Repair corrupted device by updating drive.

If your storage device is inaccessible on your computer, try to update your drive.

Step 1: open command line window, type "devmgmt.msc"

online repair corrupted device by updating repair corrupted device by updating drive.

Step 2: an unknown device shown in the drive list, right click it, choose "update drive software"

online repair corrupted device by updating repair corrupted device by updating drive.

7. Online repair corrupted device by recovery program

You can also download a recovery tool to help you, but it is important to choose a safe one, some software have malware or plug-in with it, you can choose a read-only program, like freeware iCare Recovery Free Edition.

Free SD/USB/Disk Recovery


Download iCare Recovery Pro Edition to restore data from memory card usb flash or disk that can help recover data free. Connect sd with card reader (required), start free recovery with iCare

8. Online repair corrupted device at online repair shop

online repair

If you don't want to install any software to your computer, and all the solutions above don't work for your device. there are still some other ways to help you online repair your Mobile Phone/USB/Memory Card/External HDD/PC, you can search online service/shop/software, which can fix corrupted android phone/SD memory card/USB flash/ external HDD .

Online repair shop:

You can send the corrupted card/disk drive to repair shop that you find online. Searching "online repair shop + your location" on Google, you can find many repair shops online that offer help for corrupted digital device repairing in different situations.

Online Repair shop is also a choice to solve your problem. And we collected the information about online repair service all over the world, I hope these advice can help. – Repair different brands of smartphone including Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, iPhone, etc. – You can give them a call and tell about your problem and they will help you resolve problem online.

For USA Users: PC MAC Express: - For American users, you can go to their website and call them.

For German Users: -You can ask for a service on their website and send them an email or call them.

For UK Users: -This team focuses on computer repairing, they are professional at this.

For Canadian Users: -This team can solve a lot of IT problems by remote support. -This is also another choice.

For French Users: -This is a professional remote computer repairing company.

Disadvantage: Expensive!

Those online shops usually offer remote service to help fix corrupted device on your computer using some repair software. They often charge you a lot! You need to for more than $50.

Besides this, you also need to be prepared that your data may be seen by someone you don't know. It's ok if you don't have some secret privacy on your device. As the price may be pretty high and it's only for once, why not choose a tool which can solve numerous data loss problems for you?

Solution2:Repair software online - You can also look for a cellphone/memory card/USB repair tool, which is able to fix corrupted disk/card.

Repair for Physically Damaged Mobile Phone/Memory Card/USB

If your mobile Phone/USB/Memory Card/External HDD/PC was physically damaged, this may be the most difficult situation to handle. There is no tools or online repair service is able to fix your device.

But you can do some adjustments first

Some bad quality usb flash drive, external hdd, or usb cable may have problems during a long time use, they may get inaccessible, you can adjust the usb interface, or wipe the dust in the usb port to make it work well.

If it doesn't work, you can:

Send your physically damaged device to local repair shop

For a physically damaged USB disk/memory card/mobile phone, only professional repair technicians know how to fix it and get back the data inside. Therefore, send the USB/card/phone to local repair shop and ask them for help to get back lost files inside the damaged media and repair it.

Sometimes, they can only repair your device, and can not recover your lost date, they you may need a data recovery tool to help you. iCare Recovery may be a wise choice.

Data were rewritten

This is the most desperate situation you may probably meet if you want to recover the data on your Phone/USB/Memory Card/External HDD/PC. It is known that when you delete something from your mobile Phone/USB/Memory Card/External HDD/PC, it is not a permanently deletion that can never be return. Because the files deleted are still there, only the place save them are marked free space, if you put something on the place, the disk will be rewritten, and the files are really deleted, only few people can recover data which has been rewritten, it is really difficult.

You can only go to the professional digital device repair place or data recovery place to fix it, and it is also doubtful that you can have your data recovered.


There are some cautions you need to pay attention to:

  • To make sure you can recover your data intact, you need to avoid rewriting your disk, so please stop using your device as soon as possible.
  • Online repair shop is highly charged and not totally safe, try not to choose this way.
  • After you recovered your data, do not save them at the old place, avoiding rewriting data problem.
  • When your Mobile Phone/USB/Memory Card/External HDD/PC shows a window on your computer, asking "your disk is not formatted, do you want to formatted it now?" Do not format it.
  • If there are problems on your Mobile Phone/USB/Memory Card/External HDD/PC to make it crash, after all your data has been recovered, you need to format your old device to clean the errors.

hard disk recovery


To make sure your data safety, there are some tips we give:

  1. 1. Any data storage device is not absolutely safe
  2. 2. Choose a good quality product for your data
  3. 3. Make a back up at somewhere else
  4. 4. Before eject your USB flash drive/external hard drive disk/memory card from your computer, click eject flash drive safely on your computer first.
  5. 5. Choose a reliable data recovery tool to solve your data loss problem

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