Recuva RAW Data Recovery Free Alternative

Last updated on 6/11/2018

Is Recuva safe to use to recover files from raw file system partition or memory card? Can Recuva work on raw file system recovery?


Answer: Yes but not the best. Recuva is safe and works on deleted file recovery but not that much powerful on raw file system recovery.

Download Recuva

You may download Recuva here


Pros and Cons of Recuva

Pro: free, recover deleted files with good quality

Cons:do not work good for raw drive recovery.

Solution: Free alternative iCare Data Recovery Free is your best choice to recover inaccessible files from raw hdd/ssd/partition/usb flash drive/sd memory.

>>100% free Recuva alternative for raw drive recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Free to restore data from flash drive/sd memory card that turns into raw and needs to be formatted on Windows computer completely for free if Recuva did not help you recover your raw device.

Recuva limited raw recovery

Recuva has free edition that can help restore deleted files, however it was not specially developed for recovering raw drive that has raw file system error.

Many users may have been recommended by forum posters that they can use freeware Recuva to recover deleted files since this company has developed many freeware for many years.

Better raw drive recovery?

Compared with iCare Data Recovery Free, the freeware, plus iCare Data Recovery Pro, a free trial provides better raw drive recovery which performs better.

Download iCare Recovery Pro trial now to restore raw partition/volume data with ease and success. Paid edition but works better. You may try it free to see whether it can work better.

download data recovery softwarefree download iCare Data Recovery Pro

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