PNY SD Card Recovery

"I have a PNY SD card, but I face some problem with the card recently because I cannot read files on the card. The SD card warns not format message whenever I attempted to open it in my smart phone or computer. I also met the same problem on another memory card several months ago and I just formatted the memory card to fix the problem because there is no important data on that card. I cannot simply format my PNY SD card because it contains many precious pictures and music. Then, how to recover pictures from SD card when memory card needs format?"

PNY SD Card Data Recovery Software Download

It is not a difficult task to recover deleted data from an SD card after formatting, deleting or even when the sd memory card is corrupted and the memory card is not readable. What you need is an SD card data recovery tool – iCare Data Recovery Pro.

This program has the function of recover files not only from PNY SD card, but also from other memory card like microSD, mini SD, XD card, CF card, etc from SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Transcend, Lexar, Transcend and more. You can rely on this data recovery software to recover different types of files like images, videos, music, etc.

download data recovery softwaredownload data recovery software

Step1. Run the data recovery software and choose a recovery module.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the PNY SD card so that the software can scan it to help search for lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview the found images when scanning is completed and then recover the files you need.

preview found photo

PNY SD Card Data Loss Situations

"How do I recover formatted SD card files? Well, I format my PNY SD card by accident when it was inserted in my mobile phone. Now, I have connected the SD card to my computer and try to look for a way to get back deleted files due to formatting. I have tried all my best to look for a useful solution but failed, so I post my question here and hope somebody can give me a clue."

"Hello! I need a data recovery program free to recover deleted photos from cellphone SD card. I have stored more than 1000 photos on my PNY SD 16GB card. Today, I decided to delete some unimportant photos from the card. However, I mistakenly deleted some precious photos in the process, so I need to undelete those pictures by relying on a freeware."

Repair damaged PNY memory card

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PNY SD card data is probably lost due to various reasons, which include:

  • Mistakenly delete files on the PNY SD card
  • PNY SD card is reformatted by accident
  • Cannot access PNY SD card due to unformatted error
  • PNY SD card is not readable on digital camera or mobile phone
  • PC cannot recognize or detect PNY SD card
  • PNY SD card raw format error
  • PNY SD card is corrupted due to bad sectors, virus infection, etc
  • More other unknown reasons

Those are possible but not all reasons that can lead data to be lost from your PNY SD card. Fortunately, data is recoverable when got lost due to the reasons above as long as the card is not physically damaged and overwritten.

Tips for PNY SD Card Data Recovery

1. Do not overwrite the PNY SD card

Overwriting means that the SD card space where was used to save the lost data is occupied by new data. Therefore, as long as you don’t write any new data to the PNY SD card after data loss, the lost data will not be overwritten.

2. Do not damage SD card

If you want to perform SD card recovery, you need to connect it to your computer and run the recovery software. If the SD card is physically damaged and cannot be connected with your PC, you will be unable to recover data on the card. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid any physical damage to the SD card.

PNY Technologies

PNY, refers to PNY Technologies, Inc, is an American company, which mainly produce and sell memory card, video card, MP3 and more. PNY flash memory card include CompactFlash TM, MMC plusTM, MMC mobileTM and SecureDigitalTM, miniSDTM, microSDTM card. PNY memory card offers safe and reliable solution for data storage. PNY memory card can be used in digital camera, mobile phone, PDA and many other devices.

About PNY

PNY, namely PNY Technologies, Inc, was founded in USA. PNY mainly manufactures and sells memory card, video card, USB flash drive, MP3 products and more. PNY has a good reputation in USA and it is also world famous.

Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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