Corrupted SD Memory Card Format Tools

Repair corrupted memory card with format software? Brillient idea! This article shares the format tools for damaged memory card on android, Windows 10 computer, and MAC that you may use the format utilities to format memory card free.

Corrupted Memory Card Format App on Android Phone

If you are wondering 'memory card format app' or format apk download for force format memory card on android phone, well, you may get corrupted memory card formatted on mobile without app by the following way that shows in the video.

Or this following image tells where to format your memory card.

  • Insert memory card to mobile and turn on your phone
  • Go to phone setting -> Storage -> SD card
  • Tab sd card and then choose option 'format sd card', or sometimes 'Erase sd card' will navigate the same way to get memory card formatted.

format memory card phone without app

What if memory card is corrupted, cannot be detected on android phone? -> Format it on a computer

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Corrupted Memory Card Format Software on Windows Computer

Format Software #1 - IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free

Partition Resizer Free provides not only format corrupted memory card option if you insert memory card to a Windows computer like Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, but also it could repair corrupted memory card by its 'Check Partition' function.

Download Partition Resizer Freeware

format sd cardFormat corrupted memory card with ''Format Partition

repair corrupted memory cardRepair corrupted memory card with ''Check Partition" button

This free tool is 100% free of cost that is built with easy to use interface.

Format Software #2 - HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Hp usb format tool is another popular format utility that you may try to format it. It's download link, tutorial, faqs are on this page

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Download and How to Guide

format sd cardFormat memory card with HP USB Format Tool

Memory Card Formatter #3 - Rufus

format with rufusRufus to force format sd card that cannot be formatted

Rufus download url:

More sd card formatter software download? -> sd card formatter [7 free]

Corrupted Memory Card Format Tool MAC

How to format corrupted sd card on mac with format software? The truth is you don't have to install any format software that MAC disk utility provides such format function on the computer itself.

Note, if you want to format memory card in phone, read this - format sd card in android mobile, or what if fat32 on Mac? Click this: format sd card fat32 on MAC

Unable to format memory card fix

How do you fix a corrupted memory card that won't format? How to force a memory card format? Try the following methods to force format memory card using diskpart.

  • Insert memory card to Windows computer
  • Open cmd and type diskpart in the cmd
  • Type 'list disk'
  • Type 'select disk 1' (you need to select your own memory card disk number instead of disk 1, probably disk 3?)
  • Type 'attributes disk clear readonly'
  • Type 'clean'
  • Type 'create partition primary'
  • Type 'format fs=fat32'

Reinstall drive step 2

This 'attributes disk clear readonly' is the key to fix cannot format memory card problem when the memory card is write protected.

However, if it is still unable to format memory card disk write protected, it may somehow represent the flash memory is damaged that you may get it solved by the following way if diskpart failed.

Unable to format memory card using diskpart? Try Delete Memory Card in Disk Management

Diskpart cannot format corrupted memory card? Removing memory card from disk management in Windows computer is another way to get the corrupted memory card fixed without a format utility.

  • Insert memory card to Windows computer
  • Right click 'THIS PC' and go to option 'Manage' -> and click 'Disk Management', which will show up
  • Right click your sd card that shows in the disk management -> Delete volume, to get it deleted (please backup all files before all the operations in case of data loss)format sd card
  • And then right click your sd card on the disk management -> create new simple volume, to make it a new one and it would also involve a formatting in the later process.format sd card

Then your corrupted memory card can be fixed by formatting or the around way.

Fix Corrupted Memory Card by CMD

There are other ways to fix corrupted memory card without format if its the logical damages on the memory card such as bad blocks...

  • Insert memory card to a computer and see what drive letter it shows on your computer(will be used later), run cmd to get started
  • Type 'E:' and press enter if your memory card shows drive letter E on your computer (You need to change it with your own memory card drive letter)
  • Type 'chkds /f /r /x'

Video - how to fix corrupted memory card without format

More ways to fix corrupted memory card, check it here -> repair corrupted memory card


Q: unable to format memory card in mobile?

A: It could be possible that the memory is too large for the mobile, you may change a smaller memory card less than 32GB and try it again, or format memory card fat on computer with right click format and select its file system to be fat while confirming the format; or it could be the physical damage that the memory card is dying.

Q: unable to format memory card windows 10

A: There are several causes when damaged memory card cannot be formatted by software when

  • It could be the physical damage on the memory card
  • The memory card has bad spots on the chips that you may clean it with a swab
  • The memory card may have write protection that you may remove it by using 'attributes disk clear readonly' that was mentioned on the previous part on this page
  • The memory card is dying

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