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Western Digital Hard Disk Drive including external drive Recovery for Free

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iCare Data Recovery : free hard disk drive recovery

The freeware made by iCare Recovery is able to help you recover photos, music, video, and other files for free from the following errors on your hard disk drive, external hard disk drive including the following disk brands:

Brand of Disks: Samsung, Maxtor, Western Digital... In fact, it is able to restore all brands of hard disk drives (including external)

Erros: deleted files by mistake, formatted partition or card by mistake, raw drive on your disk or card, unable to get your memory card detected or recognized by PC, pressed wrong button, emptied recycle bin, format sd card by mistake...


Tutorial: How to use iCare Data Recovery

Free Hard disk Drive Recovery on Western Digital

Western Digital has been a renowned hard drive designing and manufacturing company for many years. Western Digital products are widely praised for their stability, consistency, high capacity, high speed and good compatibility. However, despite it's undeniable high quality, data loss is always unavoidable, as it's inevitable for many other digital storage products. Both human errors and technical occasional problems may account for the data loss. Here's a list of the possible scenarios.

Files are mistakenly deleted.
Mistaken format on Western Digital hard disk.
WD drive suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason.
Blackout caused WD external hard drive corruption.
"Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" message occurs, maybe as a result of damaged disk sectors.
Partition errors, or loss of partition.
Still more...

How to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drives

If you are Windows user, please try iCare Data Recovery. This powerful utility allows you to recover all kinds of files to their original state, including your photos, mp3s, mp4s, movies, documents, etc. It supports Elements 2TB Desktop External, 1TB My Book 3.0 USB HD, My Passport 500GB external, Caviar WD 400 SATA hard drive, etc.

At first, you should stop using the WD hard drive, i.e. do not edit or write data on the partition, because newly created files or even modified files may overwrite the space of deleted files making them less likely to be recovered.

Step 1 : Connect your WD hard drive to the PC. Download and install iCare Data Recovery. Open the software and you see the main interface below.
Step 2 : Highlight your WD drive appearing on the panel. Click "next" button to continue. Now it starts scanning the drive for lost files. How long it takes depends on the capacity.

Step 3 : After the scanning process, there will be a lot of files found and listed for your preview. Click "Recover" button to recover them. It's done!

Tutorial with Screenshots for you to follow

Step 1 - Select Format Recovery, if you want to recover files after format digital camera card

select recovery option

Step 2 - Select device

Setp 3 - Wait for scanning

wait while scanning lost data

Step 4 - Preview lost files/photos

preview lost data

Step 5 - Save files


Tips on Avoiding Data Loss:

#1 – Don't put all eggs in one basket. Store data in different locations. If your OS (operating system) goes wrong and you can not start up the computer, most likely you have to re-install the OS. All the data stored on system partition (in Windows, it's C: ) gets lost. This is why you should create at least two partitions if you only have one hard disk.
#2 – Stay clear of virus and malware. Malicious software has become one of the biggest threats to data safety. It's more commonly known as malware. These destructive programs, including viruses, Trojans and worms are all on the prowl and can be secretly installed on your system. Avoid unsafe websites and keep your anti-virus software always updated.

#3 – Back up your important data. Frequent backups are not recommended, though, you do need to back up the ones most valuable to you.

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