WD Drive Utilities Review, Guide, Download, Free Alternatives and FAQs

WD Drive Utilities was once called WD Quick Formatter, and now some users also mention it as 'WD Drive Utility' which now has been built into an all in one disk tool - WD Drive Utilities, which literally means it is a combination of many tools, and its name really got the point.

Here in this article we would share the following information with you.

  1. WD Drive Utilities for Mac and Windows Download
  2. WD Drive Utilities Review (Pros and Cons)
  3. WD Drive Utilities Guide (Video)
  4. WD Drive Utilities Errors Fixing and FAQs
  5. WD Drive Utilities Free Alternatives

WD Drive Utilities for MAC Download Official

It works on Mac OS 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) and above

You may download it here https://downloads.wdc.com/wdapp/WD_Utilities_Standalone_Installer_Mac_2_1_1_119.zip

Download WD Drive Utilities for Windows Official

It works on Windows Vista (32&64 bits) and above Windows OS (Win10, Win7, Win8.1 etc supported)

Download url: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detailweb/a_id/50396/~/how-to-install-and-use-wd-drive-utilities-features

WD Drive Utilities Brief Review

As a free hard disk tool, WD Drive Utilities is able to work for hard drives to diagnose possible errors on your drive, repair bad blocks, damaged errors, raid management, erase information on the drive etc. It has two editions, one for MAC, the other for Windows, which convers a population of users and make itself a handyful tool to keep. No much complain on this free tool since it is offered as free for users.


  1. It is free of charge
  2. It is a combination of serveral useful tools


  1. Windows XP is no longer supported by WD Drive Utilities for Windows - try free formatters in Windows as alternative Windows xp solution to format media in Windows.
  2. HFS+ and ExFat are supported, MS-DOS(FAT), namely FAT32 is not supported in formatting/erasing media - try Mac Disk Utility that supports FAT32 as alternative.

Video Guide - How to use WD Drive Utilities to Diagnose Media

Video Guide - How to use WD Drive Utilities to Diagnose Drive, Format Media HFS+/EXFAT

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WD Drive Utilities Errors Fixing and FAQs

  1. WD Drive Utilities is not working, OR WD Drive Utilities Mac not working

There are usually at least two types of not working.

One, you may be not aware that WD Drive Utilities is only working with WD disks and WD USB external drives. It's not a program for other types of media. If you want to repair your disk not a WD brand, its better to turn to some other repair utlities. BTW, Windows provides bad sector scanning and repairing together with file system check and repairing inside of Windows. See more details here: How to repair damaged sd card media as example; how to repair damaged usb flash by Windows free tools

Or watch this video

Two, the media is dying that could not be repaired by any tool.

Three, the disk is not properly inserted that you may remove it safely and then reinsert with a better connection, still did not work? Try another usb cable.

  1. WD Drive Utilities installation failed
  • You probably have downloaded the incorrect installation file for your OS, WD Drive Utilities has Mac version and Windows version. You may go back to the front page to check whether you got the correct edition.
  1. WD Drive Utilities stuck at 90%
  • Your disk is most probably damaged with bad sectors
  • Your PC/Mac is with low performance that we would recommend you try it on a better computer
  • You may close all other applications that are running, which could slow the performance of the program
  • Let it run for another 3-5 hours and if there is no change where the program stucked, close the program or shut down the PC/Mac

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WD Drive Utilities Free Alternatives

What if WD Drive Utilities did not work for you? Here are some free alternatives that you may download for your computer or Macbook.

1, WD Drive Utilities for Mac Free Alternatives - Mac Disk Utility (free tool)

2, WD Drive Utilities for Windows - IM-Magic Partiton Resizer Free (free tool), see 5 free disk formatting tools for Windows

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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