Fixes for WD My Passport Not Detected or Showing up in Windows 10/7 My Computer or File Explorer


It could be troublesome if your wd my passport cannot be recognized or my passport not showing up in Windows 10 this pc or file explorer. This page introduces free fixes for my passport not showing up errors.

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Why wd my passport not showing up in file explorer or this pc

Western digital my passport may suffer logical damages or physical damages that could make it no longer visible in your computer no matter the file explorer or this pc.

If your western digital external disk is not showing up in file explorer, or it is not visible under this pc, you may go to disk management to see whether it would show up there.

#1 - My passport shows up in disk management, however it is not detected in file explorer

It would be lucky if your disk can still work under disk management. It would be much easier to fix the disk error under such situation. Simply format it if it still shows up under disk management no matter it shows as raw state or uninitialized, or blank...

Fix #a, format it.

format disk

Fix #b, If it cannot be formatted, delete it and then load it again, initialize it or create new partition for it.

delete disk

create partition for disk

#2 - my passport is not detected neither in disk managment nor this pc

If my passport no matter 1tb, 2tb, 4tb or 5tb could not be detected neither under disk management nor the file explorer, here are the fixes for you.

Step 1: Reload it in device manager by uninstalling it at first

uninstall disk

Step 2: Reconnect it, scan for hardware changes to reload it

scan for changes to reload disk

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FAQ - Why my passport detected but cannot open on Windows 10

Answer: the disk may have suffered logical errors that can be mostly fixed by chkdsk or simply by reformatting it.

Mac? Also see: how to fix wd my passport not recognized on mac

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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