How to view files on wd my passport or access wd passport (Windows/MAC)

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How to view files on wd my passport Windows 11/10/8/7

How do you open or view hidden files on wd my passport on Windows 10 or 7? Usually there are three different dialemma when your files cannot be accessed or open on my passport.

#1 How to show hidden files on wd my passport external hard drive Windows 10

Is it possible to view hidden files or folders? YES, you may go with the following steps to unhide files or folders on your western digital disk if files were hidden for some reasons and then cannot be viewed.

  • Insert your wd my passport to a Windows computer like Windows 10 laptop, and it would display as an external storage device under THIS PC.
  • Double clicking THIS PC, you will see your disk there (If it does not display properly, see this solution: how to read disk when it cannot be detected in Windows 10 - 6 fixes)
  • Open your wd passport in File Explorer.
  • In the Ribbon user interface of Explorer, click File -> Change folder and search options.
  • The Folder Options dialog will open.
  • Under the View options, scroll down and select 'Show hidden files and folders' under 'Hidden files and folders' options.

show hidden files from usb

#2 WD my passport Files were hidden by virus or other causes/damages

If your files were hidden or deleted by virus or other unknown causes, use the following cmd to show files and folders on my passport.

Click "Start" Menu > "Run" > type "cmd" > type "attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.* "

Here is a video that shows how to view files that were hiden.

#3 How to view or access WD my passport Files that were deleted by unknown causes

Free wd external hard drive my passport recovery tool iCare Data Recovery Pro is free to help access files on my passport when files were deleted or removed or not seen even without a named cause.

preview lost data

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WD my passport not detected on computer? My passport cannot be accessed? Try the following solution.

how to access external hard drive when it cannot be detected in Windows 10 - 6 fixes; or solution: wd my passport does not show up in Windows 10 pc

WD my passport won't open? wd my passport reported raw format? WD my passport needs formatting?

Try this solution: External hard drive raw format fix

How to View files on wd my passport mac

This following video will show you how to see hidden files and folders on MAC with mac terminals to unhide files.

If your wd my passport does not show up in MAC, try the following solution in the link.

WD external disk my passport not showing up? Try this: WD hard drive not recognized on MAC fixes

Files deleted or removed from my passport? Lazesoft Data Recovery for Mac would show files that were removed by what kind of causes when the deleted files were not overwritten by new files.

mac data recovery free

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