WD Quick Formatter for Windows/MAC EXE DMG Download

Do you want to download WD Quick Formatter for MAC? WD Quick Formatter now has been renamed as WD Drive Utility which is made for Mac and it combines several functions like to diagnose disk, repair damaged disk, raid management, erase drive, change hard drive file systems etc. It is much powerful than ever that combines several disk repairing and management into one utility.

See how it looks like in the following photo.

WD Drive Utilities formerly WD Quick FormatterWD Drive Utilities formerly WD Quick Formatter

WD Drive Utility for Mac Download

Users may question where they could download the wd quick formatter dmg for MAC. However WD does not offer the dmg download but with a .zip file download and the link is here in the following.

You may download it here https://downloads.wdc.com/wdapp/WD_Utilities_Standalone_Installer_Mac_2_1_1_119.zip

WD Quick Formatter for Windows 10 7 XP

Users may wonder is there WD Quick formatter for Windows? Do they provide WD Quick Formatter for Windows XP download, or WD Quick Formatter Download for Windows 7? Yes they do provde a Windows edition and you may download it here



Is there WD Quick Formatter exe available for download on Windows 7 or XP, or Windows 10?

WD provides the .zip file that includes its program wd quick formatter.exe (new name - WD Drive Utility). You may download the above .zip file.

Quick Formatted WD Disk by Mistake

If you ever formatted the disk by mistake or operated the disk incorrectly, there is still hope to get data back as long as you keep the drive untouched from further data storage.

Free Formatted WD Disk Drive Recovery Tool (386)


Free Download Tool to Recover Data from Damaged Media, inaccessible drive, not formatted disk/usb.

If you want to know more information, be free to visit: WD Drive Utility Download

WD Quick Formatter Latest Edition Downloads

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