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What does it mean when Nikon camera says cf/sd card is not formatted on Nikon D70/D3000?

What does it mean card is not formatted format card with Nikon? When the camera showing this card is not formatted no matter sdhc or compact flash card, it means the camera Nikon does not recognize the memory card due to incompatible file system or the memory card is corrupted.

this card is not formatted nikonNikon says this card is not formatted. Format the card.

Should I format the card when it is not reading on Nikon and reported This card is not formatted?

If it's the first time you insert the sd/cf card in the camera that the memory card does not hold any data, yes, please go ahead to get it formatted with the camera.

If it's an old sd/cf card that suddenly turned not formatted on Nikon camera, it's a different story. Here are different fixes depending on whether there were important photos/videos on the nikon memory card.

  • No photos/videos? -> Format card directly with the Nikon camera
  • Important images/videos? -> Stop using the memory card if it contains important images/videos, and do the following fixes that would be introduced on the following content

How to recover photos from nikon that showing card not formatted

Stop using the memory card for taking more photos or making other changes before data were restored and use the following free Nikon memory card recovery software, iCare Recovery Pro to retrieve images videos off sd/cf card on a Computer.

Step1. Connect the cf/SD card to the computer. Download and install the software.

select recovery
Step2. Open the software, choose the memory card as target to start scanning and then you just need to wait for your files.

select drive
Step3. Save data to another storage media such as the computer partition instead of the memory card.

recover files

How do I format my sd card or cf card for Nikon camera

My Nikon camera is telling card not formatted format card with camera when I turn it on, how do I format my sd card on my Nikon DX for example?

Here is a video that shows how to format memory card quick on Nikon ranges D7000, D500, D600, D750, D800, D5

How do you format a memory card that cannot be formatted on Nikon

My sd card won't format on Nikon camera, my cf card won't format on Nikon or Nikon cannot format memory card

It does happen that some sdhc or compact flash card won't format on Nikon camera due to unknown causes. When you question 'my camera will not format the sd card, so how do I get the sd card formatted for Nikon camera?', here are some fixes that you may do to help you out of the error.

Note: Before all the following repairing, please do recover files from the memory card at first.

Fix #1 Repair damaged cf/sd card with chkdsk

chkdsk /f /r /x is the cmd for repairing damaged memory card on Windows computer.

If chkdsk reports error: see solution here -> chkdsk is not available for raw drives sd card

Fix #2 Take some photos with the camera directly to see whether the memory card would store images on the sd card, if yes, it may work, you may ignore the error message.

Fix #3 Repair corrupted memory card with diskpart when it has write protection

Key: attributes disk clear readonly is the key to remove write protection on memory card.

Format sd

How to run cmd? -> Open start -> Run and type cmd and press enter

Steps to remove nikon memory card write protection when it cannot be formatted.

  • After openning cmd, type 'list disk' to let the computer show your memory card and you need to know which disk number is your memory card, here we make 'disk 1' as an example that you need to replace the number with your own memory card
  • type 'select disk 1' (replace 1 with your own memory card number in your pc)
  • type 'attributes disk clear readonly'
  • type 'clean'
  • type 'create partition primary'
  • type 'format fs=fat32' and press enter

After all these steps, insert your memory card to camera to see whether it would work. If not, try the rest fixes.

Fix #4 Insert memory card to computer, delete it in disk management, create new volume and format

delete sd card pc

Reload sd card, format sd card

format sd card pc

And see if it would work on your camera.

If it does not work, here are some more memory card repair methods: sd card repair tool [8 free]


Question: Cf card not formatted nikon d70/d40/d300?

Answer: If the compact flash card showing card not formatted format with camera nikon D70, it means the camera (reads fat32)does not support cf card file system(exfat that is set by factory for large data storage) or it means the cf card is logically or physically damaged. Here are quick fixes.

  • Format cf card to fat32 to see whether nikon can see it
  • Repair cf card logical damages by formatting it on a computer with multiple ways (right click format, format in disk management, delete in disk management and format;)
  • Repair cf card logical damages with chkdsk/diskpart cmd
  • Turn to a data repair service center to repair logical damaged cf card
  • Buy a new cf card

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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