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What does my kodak camera say card error? how do I format my kodak pixpro sd card when Kodak camera won't format sd card? How do I fix card is not formatted kodak pixpro az252?

Here are some other cf card not formatted on kodak camera pixpro az528/az401/az421/az528 or sd card not formatted on kodak cameras.

cannot format change card canonCamera says card not formatted, format card with this camera

Why is Kodak showing message 'CARD IS NOT FORMATTED' Error?

How do you fix Kodak pixpro az252 sd card not formatted error?

Quick answer: Kodak is not compatible with the sd card or cf card that you use. A smaller sd card would work.

Here is a video that shows Kodak is not working with Sandisk 64GB sd card but it works with a 32GB sd card.

Quick fix the sd card error: use a 32GB memory card instead that would quickly resolve the problem.

How do I fix Kodak memory card format card error

1 - It's a new sd/sdhc/cf card that has not been formatted with kodak camera -> format card with camera without hesitation.

How to format memory card sd/cf for Kodak

The following photo shows the steps to format memory card on Kodak FZ152

format sd card kodak


format sd card kodak

Video - how to format cf card on kodak

2 - It's a memory card sd/cf that was formatted on another device such as another camera/pc/device which is incompatible with kodak camera such as FZ152 -> Format card with kodak without hesitation (safe) (backup data at first to somewhere else before formatting)

3 - It's a memory card sd/cf card that has been using on the camera and suddenly it has logical errors or physical damages such as chip dying... -> recover data, repair memory card

Part 1 - Recover data from sd/cf card that suddenly shows not formatted on Kodak

Connect the cf/SD card to the computer. Download free kodak memory card recovery software iCare Pro that is able to recover images/videos from camera sd/cf card on Windows computer when your memory card has not formatted error.

recover files

Part 2 - Kodak pixpro sd/cf card not formatted repairing

Repairing damaged memory card with chkdsk that has a command chkdsk /f /r /x to repair memory card.

If the repairing does not work, you may try format it on a computer by right click format.

Format sd

Failed? Here are some more memory card repair methods: sd card repair tool [8 free]


Question: cf card won't format to my kodak pixpro, sdxc card won't format to my kodak az252, Kodak cannot format sd card or cf card.

Answer: There are several causes when an sd card won't format on a camera.

Question: What does it mean when Kodak camera says card not formatted?

Answer: If the image were set to store on the kodak internal memory, the camera won't read the sd card or cf card and it may ask a formatting. Or the memory card driver may needs update. Here is a link to update sd card driver which applied to cf card too.

Link: how to update sd card driver for camera on a computer

Question: Kodak pixpro az421 format sd card

Format sd card on Kodak camera would be the best choice, if it won't format, or won't work, change a smaller memory card less than 32gb to try.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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