Free Fix SD Memory Card Cannot be Safely Removed/Ejected Problems in Windows 7/8/10

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Unable to Safely Eject SD Memory Card from Windows Computer

"Hello, recently, I was unable to safely eject sd card from my Windows 7 computer. Honestly, after copying all important camera photos and videos to the PC partitions and clicking Safely Remove Hardware icon there, Windows said something was still using. But, there were no any program or file that was still in use. Do you know what's going on? What can I do to fix cannot safely remove sd memory card problems now? Thanks for any fast response!"

Hello, no matter why your camera/phone sd memory card cannot be removed/ejected on Windows computer, you are supposed not to directly extract memory card in case of corrupting sd memory card and losing memory card photos and files. Go open Task Manager to close all possible sd memory card file/app/photo running on the background and try it again. And, it this way also does not help, also keep on reading this articles to remove the sd memory card cannot be ejected problems with more ways.

Why SD Memory Card Cannot Be Safely Removed with Safely Removed Hardware Tool

In daily use, when sd memory card cannot be safely ejected with safely remove hardware tool, you often can try to figure out the reasons according the below clues:

1). CF memory card files, folders and apps are still using

It is always necessary to check the files, folders and apps stored inside the storage card carefully before using safely remove hardware tool. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to safely eject camera/phone sd memory card.

2). SD memory card virus infection

And, such unable to remove sd memory card issues are also possible to be aroused by virus infected memory card. So, no matter whether you do have downloaded and run any unauthorized games, apps and files, perform antivirus scanning to remove all possible vicious threats.

==>>Also read article to remove memory card virus without data loss

3). Micro SD memory card corrupted/damaged

Are you sure this Micro SD memory card still in good state? Honestly, the sd memory card, which is corrupted/damaged, like bad sectors, also leads to such cannot be removed safely problems. So, also go check this camera/android/Windows phone carefully.

How to Fix PC Cannot Remove/Eject SD Memory Card Problems in Windows 7/8/10

When Windows 10/8/7 computer gives error message saying sd memory card cannot be safely removed, you can try the below methods to fix such unable to eject Micro SD memory card problems:

1). Use Task Manager to end file/app/progress running in the background

When camera/phone memory card cannot be removed safely, people are often suggested to open Task Manager and close all using files, like apps, games, documents, videos and more files saved inside this sd memory card.
Merely long press "Ctrl + Alt + Del" buttons at the same time and start Task Manger tool.
And, check all the listed apps, files and progresses to end all the ones that are saved inside this memory card with removing problems.

2). Run antivirus scan to remove all threats

Also download and install antivirus software to remove all vicious viruses and threats off from your entire computer and inserted sd memory card.

==>>Read here to free download best free antivirus software

3). Check or fix sd memory card problems carefully

Also run computer CHKDSK to test and fix sd memory card problem patiently.

==>>For more details to know how to run CHKDSK

4). Remove memory card without using Safely Remove Hardware tool

Merely right click external sd memory card reader to open Properties and hit Hardware tab to pick this memory card name out. And then, choose Properties to select Optimize for quick removal option there.

And, eject this camera/phone Micro SD memory card safely.

==>>Also free download sd memory card file recovery software here to retrieve camera/phone memory card data, if this original memory card with unable to safely remove problems is corrupted/inaccessible/formatted:

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