How to Fix RAW TF Card Not Formatted Error and Recover TF Card Data off TF

TF card says "drive is not formatted. Want to format it now". This kind of format error not only happens to memory card but many other removable devices. Some people will ignore this warning and still fail to access to their memory card or digital media. If they press the "Yes" button without caring about the data inside, they will feel panic to find all their data lost. Here comes a FAQ: How to Fix TF Card Not Formatted Error and Recover TF Card Data? How to recover data from memory card without formatting?

Well, the rest part will explain every thing clearly for you.

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Identifying TF Card Error

Causes for TF Card Error

How to Recover TF Card Data When It Shows Unformatted Error Tips

Identifying TF Card Error

1. "Your memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"
Many a time, this prompted widow frustrates the memory card users, for neither choice will really fix this problem.
2. Memory card cannot be read or written
3. Other error messages, like "card not initialized", "card error", "no memory card", "the card cannot be used", "memory card is corrupted and unreadable".
4. RAW drive fix on tf card

Causes for TF Card Error

Possible reasons for causing the memory card error are as following:

  • TF card corruption: memory card is fragile and not life-long, so your TF card may be too old to work or it is physically damaged.
  • Suddenly unplugging the TF card: remove the TF card from digital products while the process is still on.
  • Wrongly pulling out operation: pulling out the TF card from a card reader while its files are open
  • Turning off digital product while transferring data to computer

How to Recover TF Card Data When It Shows Unformatted Error

Preparation: Take your TF card out of digital device and connect it to PC or laptop by a card reader to check whether your TF card data is accessible.

If this doesn't work and the error massage still pop up, then you should try to recover TF card data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

First things first, you should download it and install it on your computer.

download data recovery software

Step One: Connect your TF card to computer via a card reader. Launch the software by double clicking the desktop icon and you will get a menu as follow. Choose "Format Recovery" to scan..

select recovery

Step Two: The software will show your card in the partition list. Choose it to start to scan your lost photos and other types of files..

Step Three: When the scanning process is completed, you can press "Show Files" to preview the lost files.

wait while scanning

Step Four: The found items are listed in a tree view in the left panel of the software interface. Preview the files and mark those you want to recover. After confirmation, press "Save Files" button and save them to another drive.

recover files

download data recovery software

Have you ever run into not formatted error on a CF card? If so, you can rely on iCare Data Recovery software to restore files off an unformatted CF card and then you can quick format CF card to fix the not formatted error.


  • To avoid your lost files being overwritten, stop using your TF card for new data storage.
  • It is strongly suggested do not save recovered files on your original memory card.

Windows Was Unable to Format TF Card That Needs to Be Formatted

After data recovery, you can format the TF card to fix the not formatted error. Usually, you can quick format or full format on the RAW TF card to fix the problem. However, sometimes, you may receive error message that TF card cannot be formatted by Windows.

==>> If you receive the similar message, please go to this page – Windows cannot complete the format>>

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