Please Insert TF Card Error Fix - No Detectable TF Card Solution


The problem: No tf card found, tf card not detected...

When your android phone, camera or video recorder says "NO TF CARD DETECTED, PLEASE INSERT TF CARD", stop using the tf card immediately and if you do not want to lose the data on the tf card, recover data from the tf card at first and then repair the TF card with/without formatting.

No detectable tf card, where are my images?

How to recover photos from no tf card detected error on phone/camera/device? Here are the rescue steps.

Step #1 - Insert tf card to a computer, and see whether it can be recognized on a computer

If the tf card can be detected in a computer, copy all files to the computer hard drive or desktop as backup.

insert tf card to pc

Step #2 - Retrieve images from not detected tf card if data matters (You may go to step #3 if there were no images)

Photo recovery from tf card when phone/camera reported no tf card please insert tf card in device.

It only needs three steps to use the recovery tool for undetected tf card recovery. 1, Download and install; 2, Scan tf card; 3, Recover images from tf card to computer.

recover filesRetrieve files from tf card when it does not display or tf card not found/inserted with iCare Pro free.
Download iCare Pro Free

Step #3 - Format TF card to fix tf card not found not showing up in phone or device

Format not inserted tf card would soon resolve the error and it would also repair the damaged tf card.

You may format tf card on your phone/camera/device or you may format it on a computer.

How to solve "PLEASE INSERT Micro-SD CARD ERROR" with ROVE R2 4K Dash Cam

New sd card or tf card reported error message in camera "please insert micro sd card, or please insert c6 and above the card" can be fixed by formatting it with camera/recorder by the following tab in your device.

Fix card not inserted with camera/phone by formatting without computer by formatting it in device system settings and format.

Format sd card in video cameraNo tf card in current device? Corrupted tf card can be fixed by formatting on device

Video - how to fix please insert micro-sd tf card

NOTE: If it is an old/used tf card that was told 'please insert tf card', then you may need a computer to get it fixed in Windows 11/10/8/7 or Vista/XP.

How to Fix TF MicroSD card Not Inserted Error on Windows 11/10/8/7 Computer

Step 1 - Connect your tf card to a computer that installed Windows OS, and then open disk management by right click 'This PC' -> Manage -> Disk Management

Step 2 - And then right click your tf card in disk management -> Delete volume; Reinstall drive step 2

Step 3 - And then right click the tf card -> Format, and then your tf card can be formatted to FAT32/EXFAT/NTFS per your need.

If you do not know which one(exfat, fat32, ntfs) to format, you may try fat32 at first, if it did not work for you, try exfat, or ntfs later. And reinsert your tf card back to your phone/camera/recorder.

Note: deleting and formatting would erase data on your tf card, please recover data from tf card before this operation. Or also read: 7 ways to repair corrupted memory card

NO TF card slot? -> TF card reader needed

It's the fact that a computer like Windows 10 laptop or desktop does not host a TF card slot. If you want to fix damaged tf card on a computer, get it inserted to a card reader/adaptor and then your computer will detect the tf card.

card reader

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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