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Can I Recover My Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy?

How to retrieve deleted photos from memory card in mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when there is no memory card inserted? If you have such kind of doubt, you can read the following case and follow the guide below.

Help! I bought a Samsung Galaxy last week. It is incredible, but I seriously messed up this kind of smart phone. When I intended to deleted a few pictures, I accidentally hit "Delete All" button. Wrong touch or selection like this happens from time to time. The worst thing is I seldom back up my photos. Is there any way I can recover my deleted photos?

Okay, there is completely no need to worry about it. When a "Delete" is conducted, the photos are not removed from your Samsung Galaxy or destroyed by system as we think. They are actually located in a blank area and marked as "invisible files" until new files utilize the place to overwrite them. Hence, if you have not yet shot any new photos, you can still have a chance to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy.

Four Steps to Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy

The first preparation you should do is download and launch iCare Data Recovery Pro on your computer. Then, you can follow the guide below to recover photo with the memory card recovery free software:

Download iCare Pro Free on Windows 11/10/8/7

select recovery

Step2.Then, after you running this software, connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to computer or laptop. iCare will automatically recognize it as external drive.Choose the "Advanced Files Recovery" button to recover your deleted photos.

Step3.The next procedure is the lost photo scan. Just a few minutes, iCare can search out all your once lost photos. Then you can get a list of recoverable photos and press "Show Files" to preview the quality.

The last step is checking those photos you want to recover.

preview found photo

Not working? Try the following samsung phone recovery tool #2

Recover Samsung Galaxy Photos with Restore Image on Phone without PC

How can I recover deleted pictures from my samsung phone for free?

Restore Image is totally free of charge for undeleting photos from Samsung galaxy mobile. You can undelete photos from samsung mobile by the following steps.

  • Search Restore Image on Google Play and install the photo recovery app on your samsung phone
  • Open the app, start scanning deleted images with the free tool
  • Save images from the app

recover photo

Download url

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Useful Tips

  • Do not shot any new photos before the recovery is finished.
  • Do not install the software on the system partition or this disk where files get lost.
  • You are recommended to read carefully the Samsung Galaxy users' guide lest other wrong operations happen.


Q: How do I recover permanently deleted photos from my samsung gallery?

A: Permanently deleted images recovery depends on the following scenarios.

  • If photos were deleted from samsung gallery, they will go to a folder like Samsung trash bin that can hold photos for up to 14 days. You may undelete images before they were totally removed. | also read: samsung trash bin>
  • If images were not in the samsung recycle bin, you may use Restore Image, the free samsung photo recover app and undelete photos easily
  • If images were not found by Restore Image, pull out the sd card to a computer, run iCare Recovery Pro for a deep scan on the memory card for deleted files from samsung phone.

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