Does Windows Diskpart/Command Prompt Convert/Format RAW Drive to NTFS without Data Loss

Last updated on 27/5/2017

convert raw to ntfsCan Diskpart/CMD/command prompts/lines convert raw to ntfs on hard drive, pen drive, sd memory card without data loss in Windows XP/7/8/10/Vista?

Answer:-NO.- Diskpart command prompts can convert/format raw to ntfs on disk/usb/sd memory card in Windows xp/7/8/10/vista, but, also delete/wipe/clean hard drive/memory card data.

To reduce data loss, before/after converting/formatting raw file system to ntfs, free download raw to ntfs recovery software iCare Data Recovery Pro free edition to recover lost/deleted data back.

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Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to free recover raw drive/usb/sd memory card back no matter whether you will convert raw to ntfs with diskpart/cmd/converter/formatter.

How to Use Diskpart/CMD to Convert/Format from RAW to NTFS without Data Loss

Generally, in order to convert/format external hard drive/thumb drive/micro sd memory card from raw file system to ntfs without losing data, your best bet is to follow two steps:

Step1. RAW file system recovery

In case that the latter raw to ntfs file system formatting/converting process will bring worse permanent file loss, merely go download free raw file system recovery tool, like iCare recovery pro free software, to rescue/recover photos, videos and files back from hard drive/usb/memory card changing to raw format.

download data recovery softwareFree download raw drive recovery software iCare Data Recovery Pro

select recovery

Step2. Convert/fix raw to ntfs file system using CMD/diskpart/command prompts

After taking inaccessible files back, you can use command lines to format/convert file system from raw back to ntfs on your hard drive/memory card/usb flash drive like this: Start => Run => Enter "diskpart.exe" or "cmd.exe". And then, follow its guidance to Windows diskpart/cmd convert/format raw to ntfs step by step.

How to Convert/Change/Fix RAW to NTFS without Diskpart/Command Prompt/Line

If the commond lines are difficult for you to understand and operate, also do not worry. When your NTFS format usb hdd/usb drive/sd memory card is in raw file system and not formatted, you can also go use some ntfs file system converter/formatter software to take chances. Without diskpart/commamd lines/prompts, these raw to ntfs converting/formatting programs often are designed to help you convert/format the file system type of your hard drive/memory card from raw to ntfs, from raw to fat32, from fat32 to ntfs or from ntfs to fat32, etc.

Diskpart Fix RAW Partition

What to do when internal/external hard drive partition has changed from ntfs to raw file system format and also not been able to be accessed due to unformatted disk error message? Does diskpart/command prompt also change/format partition from raw to ntfs file system format? The answer is absolutely Yes. Merely go recover raw partition files with data recovery utility and also go use diskpart/command prompt/cmd as we’ve mentioned above.

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