How To Recover Files from SD Card MAC - 6 freeware

Top 10 sd card recovery software free for mac

  • Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery - 100% free
  • PhotoRec - 100% free
  • TestDisk for mac - 100% free
  • MAC free Any Data Recovery
  • Exif Untrasher (free limited to photos)
  • Softote Mac Data Recovery Free
  • Ontrack EasyRecovery (1GB free limit, $99 for full version)
  • Disk Drive (free trial, $89 for full version)
  • M3 Mac Data Recovery (1GB limit free data recovery, $89.95 for full version)
  • Stellar Mac Data Recovery (free trial, $79.99 for full version)

The above sd card data recovery utilities for mac are one of the best programs on the market for free or with free trail. We will share detailed tutorials to recover photos videos from sd card on mac with some of the above free sd card undelete tools for mac.

How to recover Photos/Videos from sd card free on MAC

Recovering images videos from flash memory sd card on MAC with free utility can be found in the following steps.

Step 1 - Download free sd card recovery mac tool on your macbook or mac computer for free, and insert your sd card to MAC

Download Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

mac data recovery free

Step 2 - Open the sd card recovery free mac program, scan sd card for deleted photos, videos.

Step 3 - Retrieve images from sd card on mac from the recovery program

Video - how to use free sd card recovery for mac to undelete images videos off memory card sd, micro sd, sdhc, sdxc

How do I recover sd card on MAC if the first freeware does not work

PhotoRec is like command prompt interface for recovering files from memory card on mac. It is powerful but less user friendly without user interface. However it definitely worth your time. We do include a video in the following content showing how to use PhotoRec for an sd card recovery on mac.

mac data recovery freePhotoRec to undelete sd card on mac

Download PhotoRec

Video tutorial - how to use PhotoRec on MAC

Still failed with sd card recovery freeware? Try this following professional mac memory card software.

Professional MAC Memory Card Recovery Software

Stellar Mac Data Recovery has been dedicated on mac data recovery for years, if the above freeware failed, this mac recovery utility worth a trial. It offers free memory card scanning and will show your images, videos in the trial after scanning.

Download Stellar MAC Data Recovery

Step 1: Download the mac recover utility, insert your sd card to mac and start recovery.

select recovery file types

Step 2: Select memory card to scan.

select drive to unformat

Step 3: Preview images and select files from left or right columns, and click Recover button.

preview found files

Note: If you want to recover found files, it needs a pay $79 for its full version.

More recovery utilities on MAC?

  1. data recovery software free for mac - 10 free

best sd card recovery mac

  • Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery Free (100% free)
  • Stellar Mac Data Recovery (not free, but works professionally)
  • Disk Drill for MAC (not free, needs a pay)
  • Easeus Data Recovery Mac (not free, needs a pay)
  • Recoverit MAC (not free, needs a pay)

Free mac sd card recovery software may lack in developement on its user interface, scanning ability, storage device support delay, no support service such as PhotoRec, TestDisk which are built on command lines and it could be complicated for starters.

Corrupted sd card recovery mac

If your sd memory card is not working properly and needs data recovery and sd card repair, here are the ways to get it recovered and repaired.

Part 1 - Recover data from corrupted sd card on mac

As we have previously mentioned a lot of free tools for recovering files from sd card on macbook or mac machine, you may try free tools one by one to restore images videos from sd card on mac at first. For example, Lazesoft mac data recovery free.

Download Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

mac data recovery free

Part 2 - Repair corrupted sd card on mac with disk utilities

Mac computer offers storage device repairing by MAC UTILITY that could repair corrupted sd card on mac for free.

  • Insert your sd card to macbook, open mac disk utilities
  • Click your sd card on the left column, and then select 'First Aid' -> Repair Disk, and the repair tool will start the repairing.

Repair usb macRepair sd/sdhc/sdxc card on mac with first aid without formatting

Also read: sd repair tool mac

Part 3 - Repair damaged memory card on mac with format

Open Disk Utility Repair sd card with 'Erase', a formatting in MAC

Also read: 7 sd formatters in mac

Note: if sd card cannot be repaired or recovered on MAC, we strongly recommend you insert sd card to a Windows computer for recovery since there are more ways and tools to repair and recover an sd card.


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Question: SD card recovery mac terminal, How do I recover photos from sd card on mac with terminal?

If you want to restore files from sd card on mac using mac ternminal, we strongly recommend you use free sd card recovery utility on mac mentioned above such as lazesoft mac data recovery, photorec etc. which are free and efficient in data recovery from sd card.

The truth: mac does not provide such recover terminal for storage devices data recovery.

Question: How do I fix an unreadable sd card on my MAC?

If sd card is not detected on mac, there are 2 fixes.

Recuva sd card recovery for mac

Answer: Recuva does not work on MAC machines no matter the macbook or mac desktop. It is developed and works on Windows computers. If you want to use recuva for sd card recovery on mac, you may try the following free tools such as the following.

  • Lazesoft mac data recovery
  • PhotoRec
  • TestDisk

Disk drill sd card recovery mac

Answer: Disk Drill is a professional mac undelete software that works for memory card, it is not free but worth a trial for your memory card if you deleted images, videos on the sd card or when your memory card is damaged, formatted, not working...

Besides Disk Drill for mac, here are some similar professional sd card undelete tools for mac that also ask for payment such as.

  • Recoverit for mac
  • Easeus Data Recovery for mac
  • Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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