Recuva for Mac Free Alternatives - 3 Mac Recovery Freeware

Does recuva work on a MAC? Can recuva recover mac files?

No, Recuva is devloped on Windows computer that cannot be installed on a MAC for file recovery. If you want to use recuva for mac for data recovery from your hard drive, memory card, usb flash, you may use the following free tools on mac.

Solution: how do I restore my files on mac [5 free mac recovery tools]


Many Macbook or Macpro users are looking for utility 'Recuva for Mac' hoping that the well-known data recovery freeware Recuva provides a mac edition that mac users may use it for a free data recovery on mac, however the truth is Recuva does not provide such recuva for mac edition since this program is only based on Windows platforms such as Windows 11/10/8/7 etc. If you even want to use Recuva for mac, don't worry, this page would introduce recuva for mac freeware alternatives with full version, no payment asked!

100% Free Recuva for MAC Alternatives - 3 freeware

#1 - Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery - 100% free

As the best recuva for mac alternative, Lazesoft is 100% free for recovering files from MAC OS no matter what Mac you have that you may use this free mac recovery utility for free that can do almost everything as Recuva does for you.

mac data recovery freeLazesoft Mac Data Recovery

How to use Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Download url:

Step 1, Download Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery and then connect your sandisk to Mac machine.

Step 2, Run the freeware and scan sandisk device for file recovery

Step 3, Save data onto another digital media other than sandisk device.

Video - How to use Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

#2 - Softtote Mac Data Recovery Free - 100% free

As an another excellent mac data recovery freeware, Softtote Mac Data Recovery Free works like Recuva for Mac as freeware for recovering users' data totally free of charge. No pay needed.

Download url:

Note: it's a little puzzled on its official websites that may easily get users download a trial instead of the freeware if you search 'softtote data recovery free mac' on Google. To avoid getting lost, be free to use the above link that would directly get a download of the freeware insteading of finding one on their official site.

mac data recovery freeSofttote Mac Data Recovery Free

Video Guide - How to recover files on mac with Softtote Mac Data Recovery Free

#3 - PhotoRec [100% freeware]

PhotoRec is more than a free software which is titled with 'open source' free software that provides every details for programmers to see its inside code per request. Recuva is free but not open sourced.

PhotoRec is less user UI friendly but it works efficiently in recovering files from MAC os that you may use it as free Recuva free alternative on MAC when Recuva is not there on Mac. We will provide a video guide to show you how to use this 100% freeware in the following content.

mac data recovery freePhotoRec

Video tutorial - how to use PhotoRec to recover files on MAC

Recovering files from usb flash/sd card? You may recover them on Windows computer with free data recovery software.


Recuva dmg download, Recuva mac version

Answer: Recuva is a Windows app, if you are looking for Recuva dmg free download, you may use the free alternatives: Lazesoft data recovery for mac etc.

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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