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Accidentally formatted hard drive mac? Recovering files from formatted hard drive on MAC is needed? Don't worry, download free hard drive format recovery software for mac introduced on this page to perform a free recovery when most freeware like Recuva does not provide data recovery for mac!

Recovering files from formatted hard drive on MAC with freeware

#1 - Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery - 100% free

As the best disk recovery software for mac, Lazesoft is 100% free for users and it only needs a few simple steps to operate a DIY recovery.

mac data recovery freeLazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Video - How to use Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

3 Steps to use Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Step 1, Download Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery and then insert your formatted hard disk drive to MAC os, no matter Macbook or MacPro.

Download url:

Step 2, Install and Run the freeware from its dmg file and scan formatted hfs+ hard drive for recovery.

Step 3, Save files onto another device instead of the one that you reformatted it to avoid data overwritten.

#2 - Stellar Mac Data Recovery - professional mac recovery tool

Failed to recover formatted hard drive on MAC with freeware Lazesoft? You need a professional disk format recovery tool for mac that offers better disk scanning and you can see your formatted files in the trial when freeware failed to deliver the formatted disk data recovery to you.

It offers free scanning and it only requires a pay when you are sure it can help you restore your formatted files from the mac disk.

Download for MAC

Step 1: Download and install Stellar Data Recovery, connect your hard drive to your mac machine, and then open Stellar Data Recovery, select file types you need to recover

select recovery file types

Step 2: Select your formatted hard drive for recovery on mac

select drive to unformat

Step 3: Preview found data

preview found files

Step 4: Save files to another device

save data

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Q: How to recover data from formatted external hard drive free on MAC os x?

A: It is advised that users start free formatted external hard drive recovery on mac os with freeware lazesoft mac data recovery at first and if the freeware failed to deliver a successful recovery, professional mac disk recovery tool Stellar Data Recovery would be a better choice.

Q: I accidentally formatted hard drive mac, can I recover files from formatted hard drive on mac?

A: It is 100% full of hope for an accidentally formatted hard drive recovery on mac with the software we introduced on this page.

Q: How to recover formatted hard drive on mac without software?

A: It is unlikely for a formatted hard drive or external drive recovery on mac without professional recovery software, or if you did a previous disk backup at somewhere else that may rescue files without software.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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