How to Recover Kodak Photos

For travel lovers, Kodak camera is a nice device to capture cherished moment into images during journey. However, no matter how excellent the device is, it will encounter some unexpected errors. At times, you may delete your photos in a hurry. Alternatively, when you insert a memory card into camera, the screen prompts, "Memory card error. Memory card parameter error". Here you can find a professional and reliable solution to do digital camera photo recovery.

Do & Don't

  • Do put the Kodak camera in a safe place.
  • Do consult your Kodak camera user's guide.
  • Do not take any photos when your camera gets a memory card error.
  • Do not save new files to your camera when it cannot connect to computer.

download data recovery software

Screenshots that represents the tutorial for data recovery

1. Download iCare Data Recovery Pro Edition Launch iCare and you will see a main menu. Click the "Format Recovery" button to move on.

select recovery

2. Select drive/card

3. When scanning is done, you can select "Show Files" to preview the scanning result.
wait while scanning

4. Select the photos to recover and choose where to save them by clicking the "Save Files" button. Afterwards, you can see the recovered photos from the location you selected.
preview found photo

When you insert memory card in Kodak camera, the digital camera cannot detect memory card? Do not worry! You still have chance to retrieve lost files by using iCare Data Recovery software.

How to Recover Deleted Photo from Kodak

While snapping photos, you may easily delete some photos without thinking over whether they are meaningful or not. When you get a break to view all these photos, you might disappointedly find the photos you saved is worthless and eagerly want to recover the photos. Here iCare Data Recovery can help you to bring them back.

  • First download a copy of iCare Data Recovery Free from the page
  • Download and install it on your computer.
  • Connect your camera to computer, and then launch the program.
  • Click "Deep Scan Recovery" on the main menu to move on.
  • Select your device from the partition list and then press " Recover" to start scanning the deleted files
  • Click "Show Files" to preview the photos you want to recover.
  • Select the photos and set a location for them. After clicking "Recover", you can view the recovered photos.


Q1. I have an older Kodak camera. I have saved photos on the internal memory, but the camera cannot power up at all. How can I retrieve photos from the dead camera?
A: You may check whether there is a card inside or charge your camera again. If these do not wok, connect directly the camera to the computer. Run iCare Data Recovery to recover the photos.
Q2. Last night I unintentionally delete a photo from my SD card on my Kodak camera. I have tried many photo recovery programs and retrieved numerous photos except the one I just wiped. Is there a better program would be able to recover it. Let me know if anyone has better suggestions.
A: The recovered photos mostly will be renamed, so you may check every single photo to ensure the one you want. If you need, iCare Data Recovery Pro would be a good one. It can safely retrieve all data from damaged, corrupted or formatted digital camera.
Download the software

download data recovery software

How to Recover Photo from Kodak Memory Card

It is not new to meet memory card error for digital camera user. Excellent device as Kodak is, it is inevitable to confront "Format Memory Card" due to various reasons. Even if you want to unformat memory card, iCare Data Recovery supports formatted card recovery.

  • When you get a massage like "memory card error", or "format you card", the first thing you should do is to check whether your card is properly inserted into the slot. If this does not work, iCare Data Recovery will fix it.
  • iCare Data Recovery Pro software is available for free download at Install it on your computer.
  • Connect your card to computer by card reader. Run this software to retrieve the photos
  • Click "Advanced Files Recovery" if you do not format memory card. If you have formatted it, choose "Format Recovery" on the main menu.
  • On the second window, you get a list of partition. Select your card from them and click "Recover" to scan the card.
  • When scanning is finished, you can preview the photos on it. Press "Recover" button to save the photos. Then your memory card photo recovery is done.

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