Recover Deleted Photos From Nikon Coolpix - 2 Free Ways


Retrieve deleted photos or videos from Nikon coolpix camera sd card sdhc sdxc card? Try the following free Nikon recovery software to undelete raw images from Nikon camera.

nikon coolpix data recovery

#1 Restore Images From Nikon Coolpix Using CMD

Nikon Coolopix deleted photo recovery with command prompt is based on a Windows computer since the OS provides the function to perform the job.

CMD: undelete /dt

How to use undelete cmd for Nikon coolpix digital camera data recovery? Try these following steps.

  • Insert sd card to pc with a memory card readermemory card reader
  • Open THIS PC to see which drive letter your Nikon sd card has and remember it
  • Run cmd from Start -> Run, and type CMD and press enter keyopen cmd
  • Type "E:" when your sd card shows E drive that you need to replace it with your own sd card drive letter at this step
  • Type "undelete /dt" and press enter

Not working? Why cmd failed to restore images or videos from Nikon coolpix sd card?

-> CMD undelete command is for undeleting recent deleted files from storage media in Windows computer in a DOS window.

Due to the complication of data loss from Nikon camera sd card, undelete cmd is not capable of restoring data from the sd card especially when the sd card has logical errors such as format error, no file system information, damaged, formatted by mistake, not working...

Try another free third party undelete tool when cmd failed.

#2 Nikon Coolpix Photos/Videos Recovery Software Free

iCare Data Recovery Free is a 100% free tool that can help restore files from various of memory cards no matter what happend to the sd card, except for the physical damage, data overwritten.

Preparation: Insert your sd card to pc with a memory card reader at first.

Step1. Download the free Nikon coolpix photo recovery utility on a Windows computer and install the free tool. Open it and select a recovery option depending on your own scenario.

recover files

  1. If you accidentally deleted raw images on Nikon coolpix sd card, you may select the Deleted File Recovery option
  2. If you accidentally formattd sd card on Nikon coolpix camera, or the sd card reported error on this camera, or when your sd card is not working properly, try the ADVANCED FILE RECOVERY.

Step2.   Select your memory card and click NEXT to start the data scanning.

Step3. Save the images, videos to the computer hard drive or an external usb stick intead of the sd card to avoid data overwriting.

Read more about the free tool

Note: The Nikon coolpix images file format JPEG, TIFF OR HI format, raw nikon electronic format NEF file are all supported by this free tool.

Supported Nikon Coolpix cameras: all types of Nikon coolpix digital cameras

Nikon coolpix b500 b600, p1000, coolpix p900 p510, coolpix w300, coolpix p950, coolpix l840 l830, nikon coolpix s3100...

Supported Nikon coolpix memory card: sd card, sdhc, sdxc, cf card etc. (All types of flash memory storage card)

Recover deleted videos from Nikon coolpix

If you accidentally deleted videos on your coolpix camera, or when you need to retrieve videos from Nikon coolpix sd card, you may use the above free methods, especially the free recovery tool that can help restore the deleted video without problem.

Please note: If there were new images or video saved to the sd card after the data loss, some of lost files could be corrupted due to file overwritten. This may happen to a video file when the video files took a lot of space on the sd card that can be more easier to get damaged during data loss.

Nikon Coolpix Photo/Video Recovery for MAC

Step 1: Download the recovery tool for mac and install it on your mac computer. Insert sd card to mac

Step 2: Scan the data from sd card

Step 3: Preview images to make sure the deleted photos can be restored.

Note: The Nikon coolpix recovery utility for mac needs a subscription. It is made by another third party software developement company.

FAQs about Nikon coolpix data recovery

Question: how to recover deleted photos from Nikon coolpix b500 or nikon coolpix p900 or nikon coolpix s3100?

Answer: You may recover photos from Nikon coolpix b500/p900/s3100 with the following steps.

  • Insert sd card to pc and download the free Nikon recovery tool
  • Run the free recovery tool iCare Data Recovery Free and select the sd card to start free recovery
  • Save images videos from the sd card

Question: how do I recover deleted photos from my nikon camera for free?

Answer: Free Nikon camera recovery tool iCare Data Recovery Free can help retrieve data from Nikon coolpix or any camera sd card for free on Windows computers.

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Question: Nikon coolpix p900 photo recovery

Answer: Nikon coolpix p900 data recovery is supported by iCare Data Recovery Free, the 100% free recovery tool that you may use it to retrieve deleted or lost images, videos from coolpix p900 or other coolpix cameras.

Question: Nikon coolpix raw nrw still image recovery

Answer: Nikon raw nrw image format is supported by free recovery tool iCare Data Recovery Free that you may use it to scan the deleted raw nrw file format and save the raw image from the free tool.

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