Canon CF Card Recovery (Data Recovery&Repair Tools)

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3 Steps to Recover Photos/Videos from Canon CF Card

Data recovery from Canon CF card can be done with cf card recovery tool on Windows 10 computers or MAC to recover deleted photos videos from canon cf card or formatted canon cf card on camera or cf card is not working not detected in Canon camera...

Step1. Connect your canon cf card to a pc via a card reader or to the memory card slot, and then start recovery.

select recovery mode

Step2.  Select the memory card for a recovery.

Step3. Save data to another device.

preview found photo

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Repair Corrupted Canon CF Card

There are different scenarios that a cf card may be damaged such as bad blocks, damaged pin, logical errors, cannot read, unable to write or delete, cannot be formatted... The following part would share each guide for problem solving.

  • Fix bad blocks on canon cf card
  • How to repair damaged pin
  • How to remove canon cf card write protection
  • Unable to format canon cf card solution
  • Canon cf card driver update to fix unable to be detected

Repair Canon CF Card Bad Sectors

Users may do not know that their canon cf card needs bad blocks repairing. However this is harm-free repairing to maintain the cf card that can fix logical errors on cf card when your cf card is not working properly you may use this method to kill bad blocks at first.

There are two ways to kill bad blocks for canon cf card on Windows pcs.

#1 Repair canon cf card bad blocks with Error-Checking which is provided by Windows.

Repair sandisk sd with error checking

#2 Repair canon cf card bad blocks with chkdsk cmd

You may use 'chkdsk /f /r /x e:' when your cf card shows e on Windows computer that you need to replace e with the actual drive letter it shows on your pc.

  • Start cmd
  • Connect your cf card to pc and see which drive letter it has in file explorer or how it shows in This PC, and remember its drive letter
  • Type 'chkdsk /f /r /x e:' or 'chkdsk /f e:' to start the repairing

Note: If you want to repair cf card on android phone, connect the cf card to phone with a card reader using otg cable as a bridge and get the cf card formatted with mobile that would also help fix logical damages for cf card.

How to repair damaged canon cf card pin

When the Canon cf card pin is damaged or bent, how to replace canon cf card pin or get it repaired? And how to repair canon cf card slot. These following video will show you how to do the DIY fixings.

Video 1 - How to repair canon cf card error 'Err ...' when pin is broken

Video 2 - DIY Canon CF card pin pushed in repair

Video 3 - how to repair canon cf card slot

Note: Canon cf card slot repair cost really takes a lot. Some users feeded back that this cf card slot repairing cost $700. Different repair shops may differ from each other depending on rent cost, labor cost and different level of damages.

Canon CF Card Repair Tools

Chkdsk is the free bad block repair tool provided by Windows to repair damaged canon cf card.

Format (quick format or full format) and formatters on Windows no matter the built-in tool or other third party format tools are considered as another way of repairing damaged canon cf card.

Canon CF Card Errors and Problems

Question#1: canon cf card error, canon 7d problem shows "Err CF" and "Cannot write to card", canon reads "Error CF" what does that mean?

Answer: When canon cf card shows Err CF, sometimes it's the pin that has been bent unintentionally. You need to fix the pin by yourself or with the help of some local professional service.

Question#2: canon cf card not detected, canon is not reading cf card; why won't my canon eos drebel recognize a cf card? Canon Rebel T1i not reading SD card,

Answer: When cf card is not reading on canon camera, there are different causes, for example

  • The cf card is not compatible with canon camera, you may format the cf card with camera or format cf card to fat32 or exfat to test which file system suits the camera
  • The cf card slot is damaged
  • The cf card pin is bent
  • The cf card driver not updated

canon cf card driver update

If the cf card needs driver update, you may get it updated on Windows computers like a Windows 10 pc. Canon CF card driver can be installed by updating it in Device Manager and a right click update would work.

  • Insert cf card to pc in the card slot or with a card reader
  • Right click 'THIS PC' -> and then click 'Manage' -> and then click 'Device Manager'
  • Click to open the tab 'Disk drives', and then right click cf card, and then 'Update driver' will show up

canon cf card driver install

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Last updated on March 28, 2024

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