How to use format fs=fat32 quick Correctly and its FAQs

Format fs=fat32 quick not working? How to use format fs=fat32 quick command when there is error like format fs=fat32 quick the parameter is incorrect, too big, size not correct, or other error and what does format quick fs=fat32 lable= system mean?

Here this article would show you how to use diskpart format fs=fat32 correctly and its alternatives to do the format job when cmd format does not work for your hard disk, external hard drive, thumb drive or memory card.

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What does format fs=fat32 quick mean?

Here is the defination for the command line.

  1. Format means to make it a new one by changing its file system;
  2. fs means file system;
  3. fat32 means a file system that can be used in Windows computers among fat32, fat, ntfs, exfat etc. which are all Windows file systems for storage devices;
  4. quick means quick format.

Steps to use format fs=fat32 quick diskpart command

If its a pen drive or memory card, it's easy to use it for formatting.

Way # 1 - Open cmd, and type 'diskpart' to get it started. And then do the following cmd that shows in the following photo. (It's for an external hard drive, internal hard drive, usb flash drive or memory card)

  1. list volume
  2. select volume *
  3. format fs=fat32 quick
  4. exit

format raw usb flash drive fat32

Way #2 List disk

There is another different way that you may get the job done and its for external hard disk or internal hard drive and get their file system changed as a whole disk.

Preparation: open cmd and type diskpart to start.

format usb disk diskpart

  1. list disk
  2. select disk *
  3. attributes disk clear readonly
  4. clean
  5. create partition primary
  6. format fs=fat32 (or you may also use format fs=fat32 quick)

format raw usb disk

Format drive ntfs? Try this: format fs=ntfs quick

Way #1 VS #2: List volume would list all volume information on the computer, list disk would only list disk, memory card, flash drive when a disk may contains more than 2 partitions which are not displayed. (usb flash drive, memory card are recognized as a disk)

For example: disk 0 contains 3 partitions E, F, G, if you type list volume, E F G would appear in the list, if you type list disk, E F G won't appear.

Format Failed? Try some easier way to get the job done, and here are at least 8 ways.

Format file system fat32 in disk management (Efficient when format fs fat32 not working)

format disk disk management

Video - how to format disk under disk management

Not working? Also read: 8 free disk format tools, or how to force format flash drive


Qestion: What does Format fs=fat quick mean

Answer: It means to format drive fat instead of fat32 when some storage devices only recognize fat file system, such as some early mobile phones that sees fat file system. You may use format fs=fat to get the device formatted to fat file system.

FAT32 VS FAT: fat32 is a later developed file system than FAT, which are all supported in Windows computers.

Qestion: format fs=fat32 stuck at 0 percent

When format fs=fat32 stuck at 0 percent, there are probably logical damages or bad blocks on the disk or the computer may freeze for some reason.

Solution: reboot your computer and restart the format command. Or use free formatters: 8 free ways to format disk/usb

Qestion: format fs=fat32 the parameter is incorrect

When the parameter is incorrect, it means you have typed the wrong command line or there is unnessary space in between such as fs = fat32 should be written as fs=fat32 no space.

Failed? Try free format tools to format drive instead of cmd : 8 free ways to format disk/usb

Qestion: format fs=fat32 taking a long time

It may hangs up in the middle if your storage device is damaged or the computer runs slowly. If your disk is large such as over 250gb, or even larger, it may take several hours to finish the formatting.

Solution: wait if the process still continues with changing percentage, if it hangs up there, find a better computer to do the job, or use free formatters to do the job.

Note: if the formatting does not finish and you cancelled it, the disk or usb drive or sd card would become raw. Never mind, just go ahead with another way to get it formatted.

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Qestion: format fs=fat32 with powershell steps

Solution: the steps to use powershell format fs format32 are just as follows.

  • Open PowerShell by searching for it in the start menu.
  • In the PowerShell window, execute the below command while replacing Drive_Letter with the actual drive letter.
    Format /FS:FAT32 Drive_Letter:

For example, when your usb drive is H on your computer, use 'format /fs:fat32 H:' in powershell to format usb fat32.

Or you may use free disk format tools to get drive formatted even when they cannot be formatted by regular ways.

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