There is no volume or disk selected when format fs=ntfs quick

What does it mean format fs=ntfs quick there is no volume selected or there is no disk selected?

As we know format fs=ntfs quick or format fs=fat32 quick is the command diskpart to provide a formatting through cmd in dos and it is still working for Windows 10, 8.1 or 7... While the error message there is no volume selected means there is one step omitted.

How to add the step to make format fs=ntfs quick work correctly? Here is the tutorial.

Step 1 - Open cmd by using Windows icon + R, or start it from start -> Run, type 'cmd'

Step 2 - Type 'diskpart' after cmd was launched, or you may directly type diskpart in the Run window

Step 3 - Type 'list disk' (the computer will show you what's it has)

Step 4 - Type 'select disk *' (to get the targeted disk selected for the next operations)

Step 5 - Type 'list volume' (This is the key to fix the error)

Step 6 - Type 'select volume' (This is the key to fix the error)

Step 7 - Type 'clean'

Step 8 - Type 'create partition primary'

Step 9 - Type 'format fs=ntfs quick'

The cause of the error: there are several partitions on the external usb disk or internal hard drive that is different from a pendrive which has only one partition as a whole disk recognized in Windows computer.

diskpart format

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Still not working? There might be bad logical damages or bad blocks on your disk, you may try some other free format tools to get the disk formatted, for example freeware Partition Resizer Free.

format raw usb flash drive

It displays the disks and partition information on its interface that users may easily select the correct volume to get it formatted.

Or you may format it under disk management.

format disk disk management

Video - how to format disk under disk management

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Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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