How Do I fix a raw partition drive using diskpart or chkdsk?

This article will show you the following information regarding to diskpart cmd with raw partition fix.

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Can chkdsk fix raw partition?

Usually chkdsk only works with file system fat32, ntfs, exfat and it won't work with RAW file system. And you may try it to see whether it can fix a raw drive by the following cmd.

  • Run cmd from start -> Run; or you may launch it by pressing Windows icon + R on your keyboard
  • type 'chkdsk J:/f' when J is your raw partition

Usually it would feed back 'The type of file system is raw. Chkdsk is not available for raw drives.'

chkdsk not available for raw

Also read: What is The type of file system is raw. Chkdsk is not available for raw drives.

Then the answer for how do I use chkdsk for raw drive/partition is NO! It is not able to do the job. What can we do? Is there any other command line that can be used for a raw partition fix? -> Try diskpart.

How do I use diskpart to fix raw partition?

Diskpart is able to fix raw partition drive error on Windows 11/10/8/7 or any Windows computer. And here are two steps to do the fixing.

#1 - Restore data from raw partition when data are important to you

We would recommend you use iCare Recovery Pro that is free to recover files from raw drive since it has a function 'raw drive recovery' inside of the software.

Download iCare Recovery Pro Free

preview found photo

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#2 - Fix raw partition using diskpart command

Follow the following steps to fix a raw partition with cmd diskpart.

Preparation: insert your disk/usb if it's an external drive, and then run cmd and type diskpart in the run to launch the diskpart

diskpart open

And then follow the steps in the following photo.

diskpart clean sd card

Question: how do you format raw partition without formatting using diskpart?

Answer: diskpart is a formatting, you may rescue data from raw drive at first, and then do the formatting with diskpart without doubt.

There is another way that you may try to fix raw drive without format [click this link for details]

How to fix raw hard drive to ntfs by diskpart without losing data

Again, if you do not want to lose data when fixing your raw drive using diskpart, rescue files at first!

Guide: how to recover files from raw hard drive

And then use diskpart to format raw drive ntfs by the following steps.

  • Run cmd to start the cmd window; type 'diskpart' as the first step
  • type 'list disk'
  • type 'select disk *'
  • type 'clean'
  • type 'create partition primary'
  • type 'format fs=ntfs quick'
diskpart format

The above steps is to make the whole disk to ntfs file system no matter how many partitions it has, all partition would be changed to ntfs.

If you want to change one partition that is raw into ntfs by diskpart, then you may go with the following steps.

  • Run cmd to start the cmd window; type 'diskpart' as the first step
  • type 'list disk'
  • type 'select disk *'
  • type 'list volume'
  • type 'select volume *' (the raw partition)
  • type 'clean'
  • type 'format fs=ntfs quick'

Or you may try the following diskpart cmd instead of the above steps.

Just launch diskpart, and then type 'format *:/fs:ntfs' (*must be replaced by your raw partition's drive letter.)

diskpart format

Complicated job? We would recommend some easier way for you to do the formatting instead of diskpart cmd - format raw partition in disk management.

Video - how to format raw partition in disk management.

unable to format? Recommend: Unable to format hard drive fixes, or 8 free disk format software

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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